SolarEdge Extra

Gets extra information from your SolarEdge managed Solar Panels to give you the most insight of your SolarE...

Radiation Monitor

Monitor radiation levels from stations around the world and show 5 nearest stations, station highest curre...

Tibber Live

Get your realtime energy consumption and production data from Tibber Live

Agro Monitor - Soil Moisture

Devices of soil moisture, soil and surface temperature, from accumulated data from OpenWeather via Agro Mon...

5.0 Pollen

Get access to real-time pollen count and risk category for grass pollen, weed pollen and tree pollen of any...

AccuWeather Pollen

Get access to real-time and 5-day forecast pollen count and risk category for grass, mold, ragweed and tree...

Air Quality OpenWeatherMap

Get the current and forecast measurements for your location on Air Quality (CO, NO, NO2, O3, SO2, NH3, PM2...

Solax Monitor

Monitor your Solax Solar panels with several child devices and support for the Fibaro Energy Panel.

Toon Water

Monitor you Water flow and usage with the ToonWater device

Tibber Monitor

Get energy prices from Tibber Platform to controle appliances and save on energy cost and help the climate

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