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Jun 19, 2024

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Jun 19, 2024


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This QuickApp calculates the cheapest prices for using appliances based on the hourly Tibber energy prices. 
This QuickApp is especially useful for appliances (like charging your car and washing the dishes) that need to run once a day, within a timeframe and during some hours. 
You can use more than one instance of this QuickApp if you need more than one appliance to start in the cheapest hour but not within the same timeslot. 


Tibber today and tomorrow prices
The tomorrow prices are available from 13:00 hour. 
If the tomorrow prices aren't available yet and the timeslot is (partially) tomorrow, a temporary calculation and start-stop plan is made with the today prices, until the tomorrow prices are available. 
If the start time plus duration is (partially) tomorrow, for example start time 18:00 and duration 7 hours, the calculation can be made from 13:00 hour when the tomorrow prices are available. 





At 04:00 the binary switch will turn ON and at 07:00 the binary switch will turn OFF. 

You would still have to create a script, triggers by this binary switch, to actually turn on the charging of your car, or turn on the dishwasher. 



This QuickApp needs the Tibber Monitor QuickApp to run on your HC3. 
It is important to synchonise this QuickApp with the timing of your Tibber Monitor QuickApp. 
This QuickApp works at its best, if you setup the interval with the intervalOffset just after the Tibber Monitor runs. 
If you Tibber Monitor runs at 5 minutes (300 seconds) after the whole hour, run this QuickApp 5 minutes and 10 seconds (310 seconds) after the whole hour to be sure to get the prices from Tibber Monitor. 
This QuickApp runs every whole hour to turn the switch on and off. If it is time to get the prices from the Tibber Monitor QuickApp, this QuickApp runs every whole hour plus the seconds set in the intervalOffset. 


QuickApp logics

  • onInit()
  • getQuickAppVariables() --> Get all Quickapp Variables or create them
  • createVariables() --> Create all Variables 
  • checkPrice() --> Determine the cheapest cycle of hours
  • missionControl() --> The central loop
    • If tibberChild0000 (Tibber Monitor Child devicenumber for "Today 00:00") doesn't exists --> disable QuickApp
    • If current hour is hour to start --> turn the switch ON 
    • If current hour is hour to stop --> turn the switch OFF
    • If current hour is 13:00 (tomorrowPrices) --> checkPrice() to check the prices again to calculate with the tomorrow prices and to plan a new start and stop hour
    • If current hour is the end of the timeslot --> checkPrice() to check the prices again to plan a new start and stop hour
    • If current hour is 00 and the timeslot doesn't goes through midnight (timeSlotStart < timeSlotEnd) --> checkPrice() to transfer the tomorrow prices to todays prices
    • updateLabels() every whole hour
  • missionControl() (see above)
  • etc


Use this QuickApp at your own risk. You are responsible for ensuring that the information provided via this QuickApp do not contain errors. 

Tibber is a registered trademark being the property of TIBBER. TIBBER reserves all rights to the registered trademarks.
Information which is published on TIBBER’s websites belongs to TIBBER or is used with the permission of the rights holder. 
Making of copies, presentations, distribution, display or any other transfer of the information on the website to the public is, except for strictly private use, prohibited unless done with the consent of TIBBER. 
Published material on dedicated TIBBER press websites, intended for public use, is exempt from the consent requirement.
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Tibber API documentation:
Tibber API explorer:
Tibber status:


Variables (mandatory and created automatically)

  • tibberChild0000 = The Tibber Monitor Child devicenumber for "Today 00:00"
  • durationHours = How many hours should the switch be ON (not more than 23 hours)
  • timeSlotStart = At which hour should the timeslot start
  • timeSlotEnd = At what hour should the timeslot end
  • tomorrowPrices = At what hour are the Tibber tomorrow prices available (default = 13)
  • setGlobalVar = true or false, whether you want tu use the Global Variables (default = false)
  • intervalOffset = The offset time in seconds to the interval of every whole hour (default 310 seconds) 
  • debugLevel = Number (1=some, 2=few, 3=all (default = 1)
  • language = Preferred language (default = English (en)) (supported languages are English (en), Dutch (nl), German (de), Swedish (se) and Norwegian (no))


Changes version 1.0 (20th June 2024)

  • Added two global variables for the time ON and time OFF. To use them, set the QuickApp variable setGlobalVar to true. 
  • Added an extra check at midnight if the timeslot doesn't goes through midnight (timeSlotStart < timeSlotEnd) to transfer the tomorrow prices to todays prices (after midnight) 
  • Solved a bug with a timeslot starting at the next day 23:00. 
  • Changed the label layout in case the prices aren't available yet. 
  • Changed the time tomorrow prices calculations will take place to hh:mm:ss in stead of "13:00 (+310 seconds)"


How to install

  1. Open the Configuration Interface
  2. Go to Settings > Devices
  3. Click  +
  4. Choose Other Device
  5. Choose Upload File
  6. Choose file from your computer with .fqax

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