Created At

Jun 19, 2022

Last Update

Aug 09, 2022


HC 3 Lite, Yubii Home, HC 3





Type Quick App

This QuickApp gets your energy consumption and production data from Tibber Live. 
This QuickApp can be used in combination with the Tibber Monitor to get the Tibber Prices. 
Based on the Fibaro WebSockets/GraphQL demo by Peter Gebruers 


If you use Tibber for your Energy Panel, you can use this Tibber Live QuickApp for your energy consumption and production combined with the Tibber Monitor QuickApp to provide the Energy Panel with the hourly prices. 




Main device with positive or negative actual power consumption


Child devices are available for:

  • power (Actual consumption with maxPower in log text)
  • powerProduction (Actual production with maxPowerProduction in log text)
  • accumulatedConsumption (Todays consumption, also child device for the Energy Panel)
  • accumulatedProduction (Todays production)
  • accumulatedCost (Todays cost)
  • lastMeterConsumption (Total consumption)
  • lastMeterProduction (Total production)
  • voltagePhase1
  • voltagePhase2
  • voltagePhase3
  • currentL1
  • currentL2
  • currentL3