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Dec 29, 2021

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Jan 14, 2022


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Type Quick App

This QuickApp gets todays an tomorrows energy prices from the Tibber platform. 
Next to the current prices the lowest and highest price for the next 12 hours is calculated.
Tax and fees are included in the hourly, daily and yearly cost.  
All values are displayed in the labels. 



Child devices are available for:

  • Hourly energy usage
  • Hourly energy cost
  • Todays energy usage (com.fibaro.energyMeter with automatic rateType=consumption for Fibaro Energy Panel)
  • Todays energy cost (including fees)
  • Yearly energy usage
  • Yearly energy cost
  • Actual price now
  • Minumum price today (for the next 12 hours)
  • Maximum price today (for the next 12 hours)
  • Percentage +1 hour (compaired to actual price now, positive value means a increase of the price, negative value means a decrease of the price)
  • Percentage +2 hour
  • Percentage +3 hour
  • Percentage +4 hour
  • Percentage +5 hour




These values can be used to control appliances according to the lowest and forecast prices during the day. 

To communicate with the API you need to acquire a OAuth access token and pass this along with every request passed to the server.
A Personal Access Token give you access to your data and your data only. 
This is ideal for DIY people that want to leverage the Tibber platform to extend the smartness of their home. 
Such a token can be acquired here:


When creating your access token or OAuth client you’ll be asked which scopes you want the access token to be associated with. 
These scopes tells the API which data and operations the client is allowed to perfom on the user’s behalf. 

The scopes your app requires depend on the type of data it is trying to request. 
If you for example need access to user information you add the USER scope. 

If information about the users homes is needed you add the appropiate HOME scopes.


Tomorrow values are available from 13:00 hour


Tibber API documentation:
Tibber API explorer:


Changes version 1.0 (8th Januari 2022)

  • Reduced max and min price and percentage to two decimals digits 
  • Solved issue with empty hourly energy
  • Added the prices to the log text of the child devices +1 +2 +3 +4 +5
  • Added percentages to the hourly prices in the labels
  • Added percentages to the minimum and maximum prices in the labels
  • Changed the abreviation to the latest moment (display in properties and labels) to get the (theoretical) most accureate calculation
  • Changed the default interval to 930 seconds to update more often and have less issues in case Tibber doesn't respond


Variables (mandatory and created automatically): 

  • token = Authorization token (see the Tibber website:
  • homeNr = Tibber home (nodes) number if you have more than one home (default = 1)
  • extraCost = Extra cost per kWh for Tibber and Cable owner, decimals with dot, not komma (default = 0)
  • interval = Interval in seconds to get the data from the Tibber Platform. The default request interval is 3600 seconds (60 minutes).
  • debugLevel = Number (1=some, 2=few, 3=all, 4=simulation mode) (default = 1)
  • setGlobalVar = true or false, whether you want tu use the Global Variables (default = false)

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Thanks for using the Tibber Quickapp. Updates are coming soon, because there is a lot more to do with Tibber and they are expanding their services in more countries. De device type for daily energy isn't, unfortunately, supported bij Fibaro's Yubii app yet. This devices type is the only way to show the energy usage in the new Fibaro Energy panel and Fibaro promised to support the device type in Yubii real soon (should have been done by now).


Great option! Only one "but": in Yubii I don't see "daily energy". Rest works great :)

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