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Feb 24, 2022

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Sep 23, 2022


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Type Quick App

Integrate your smart meter with the HomeWizard Wi-Fi P1 meter and log to the FIBARO Home Center 3 (Lite) Energy Panel.

The Quick App automatically detects whether the smart meter is connected to 1 or 3 phases and whether a gas meter is linked to the smart meter.

The energy devices are optimized for the updated Energy Panel (from firmware 5.100.22).

Release notes


  • Changed the documentation for the new Energy Panel configuration location and options introduced in HC3 firmware 5.120.


  • HomeWizard Wi-Fi P1 meter,
  • HomeWizard Energy iOS or Android app (minimal version 1.5.0),
  • P1 Meter Quick App,
  • FIBARO Home Center 3 (Lite) (minimal firmware version 5.100.22.

Quick setup

View the included comprehensive manual for detailed installation instructions. English and Dutch installation instructions are included!

Wi-Fi P1 Meter installation

Perform the physical installation of the Wi-Fi P1 meter and and configure the device in the HomeWizard Energy app.

Activate the local API on the P1 meter

To establish communication between the FIBARO Home Center 3 and the HomeWizard Wi-Fi P1 meter, you need to activate the local API in the app.

  • Start the HomeWizard Energy app on your phone,
  • Go to Settings -> Meters,
  • Open the settings from the configured meter by clicking on it,
  • Enable the option for the local API.

Home Center 3 configuration

  • Download the Quick App below,
  • Extract the ZIP file,
  • Log on to the Home Center 3,
  • Import the Quick App.

Main energy meters configuration

By adding the consumption meters as Main energy meters in the general options of the Home Center 3, it will automatically calculate the remaining power consumption not measured by connected Z-Wave devices. This is displayed in the Energy Panel as rest.

Full documentation

Full documentation of the Wi-Fi P1 meter Quick App is included in the provided ZIP file.

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Hi Molla, this QA is for the HomeWizard P1 meter. PlugWise is another vendor and therefore not compatible.


Ik heb een P1 meter van PlugWise. Kan ik dit hiervoor gebruiken?


I'm developing a new version of de P1 meter QA. Since FIBARO updated to firmware to 5.120.10 a while ago there are problems with the energy panel and some people with specific meters reported missing properties. In the mean time most users can use this version, but the energy panel is not correctly populated. Stay tuned!


Hi Joep, Thanks works also fine with the SDM230-wifi module. can see those parameters: - total_power_import_t1_kwh - total_power_export_t1_kwh BUT unfortunately i can see the actual power parameters: - active_power_w - active_power_l1_w could you help me with this? by reading the API: wifi_ssid "Tmobile" wifi_strength 100 total_power_import_t1_kwh 2284.974 total_power_export_t1_kwh 49.945 active_power_w 1278.008 active_power_l1_w 1278.008


Dank je wel Joep. P1 meter werkend in HC3 alleen het Energie Paneel lijkt nog niet helemaal de juiste waardes te hebben. Versie: 5.130.64. Hoe snel zijn deze gegeven werkt het paneel ?