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Jan 10, 2023

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Jan 13, 2023


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The ENTSO-e Energy Rate QuickApp give you the current and coming energy price rates by hour from ENTSO-e transparency platform that is independent from any power company and have energy price lists for the most of the European countries.


How it works

After you have downloaded and installed the QuickApp, I recommend that you change the default [ENTSOE_Token] with your own to be sure that it will work if the default token will be changed in the future.
How to create your own Token

In Fibaro general variables you select your energy area that you belong to in [EnergyRateArea] and what your medium price rate is in [EnergyRateMedium]. Thats all!
The variation of energy rate level in [EnergyRateLevel] is calculated from the medium price rate that you have define in the global variable [EnergyRateMedium]. You set the medium price rate from what you feel is the medium price rate for you in your currency by consumed kWh.
(The currency exchange rate is collected from service in this QuickApp.)

The global variable [EnergyRateNextLevel] indicate what price level it will be the next hour.

You can then easy trigger scenes or devices based from the value in the global variable [EnergyRateLevel] or [EnergyRateNextLevel] that can have the values ”VeryLOW”, ”LOW”, ”MEDIUM”, ”HIGH” or ”VeryHIGH”.

The ENTSO-e Energy Rate QuickApp also update the Fibaro Energy Tariff table with coming price rates.


V1.0 - 2023-01

  • First release

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