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Sep 11, 2020

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Sep 30, 2020


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Type Quick App

OpenWeather weather provider

An alternative to YR weather provider, that is default weather provider for HC3.

Beside weather provider, it allows to create couple other companion devices (sensors) that show current values for:

  • Temperature
  • Wind
  • Rain
  • Pressure
  • Humidity
  • Cloud cover
  • UV index
  • Time of sunrise
  • Time of sunset

Data updates every 1 hour.


Main device requires only an APIKEY to be specified. APIKEY can be obtained from OpenWeather API keys page.

To enable companion devices, just toggle them using buttons.

Configuration will be saved into global variables which guarantee persistance of devices selection.


Application in version 1.x is not compatible with application in version 0.x.
Please remove previous main device - this may affect your weather provider selection though - so please keep that in mind.
To toggle companion devices you had enabled before just hit the button with metric you want.

Changing weather provider

To change default weather provider you need to go to Settings page and click General category. On displayed page you should see section called Main Sensors with Weather provider dropdown, that will let you pick OpenWeather Station as your new source of information.

To see changes in top bar, you need to refresh Home Center UI.

GIT Repository:

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Generalnie OK, jedyny problem to nie zaciąga danych o deszczu. Za oknem leje a w Fibaro opady 0mm. Pozdrawiam


Working great, 5 stars!


Good Quick App. And what about for Weather Underground or Weathercloud? I plan to purchase a weather station Garni 2055, which sends data to these servers and I would like to use the data to control the equipment in HC3.


1.1.1 changes: - fallback for missing languages to english


1.1.0 changes: - better OW API errors handling - small UI tweaks - swedish translations