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Apr 26, 2020

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Sep 30, 2022


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Type Quick App

QuickApp module to integrate of Netatmo climate devices.

It has support for Main module, Outdoor modules and Indoor modules, Rain gauge and Smart anemometer. It creates child devices (Temperature Sensors, Humidity Sensors, CO2 Sensors, Pressure Sensors, Noise sensors, Rain and Wind sensors) automatically based on information gathered from Netatmo API.

To use it you need to import attached .fqa file into HC3 and provide tokens (access_token and refresh_token) from Netatmo API. To generate these tokens please visit site and follow instructions.

Other variables:

  • battery_allone - can be "true" or "false" - to choose between battery interface on dedicated child devices or directly on child devices

These values are in "Variables" tab on imported device. Click on Pencil, fill data for corresponding variables and click "Save". After that you need to create child devices. To do that you have to go to the "Edit & Preview" tab and click on "Get Devices" button.

If tokens are ok after few seconds you should have created all linked devices for found Netatmo modules. Values for these devices are refreshed every 10s after values updated in Netatmo cloud (more or less at 10min period). QA also has a "Get Measurements" button to manually refresh data.

Important note: 5.030 or newer firmware version on HC3 is needed.


v2.6 - 09/2022 (GSmart)

  • changed authorization method with Netatmo API (required by Netatmo servers)

v2.5.1 - 03/2021 (GSmart+Lazer)

  • FIX QuickApp hang after HC3's upgrade to 5.063 firmware
  • Added Czech translation (thanks to petrkl12)
  • Minor fixes & enhancements

v2.5 - 07/2020 (Lazer)

  • Fix QuickApp crash in case weather station has no additional module

v2.4 - 07/2020 (Lazer)

  • Add variable to choose between battery interface on dedicated child devices or directly on child devices

v2.3 - 06/2020 (Lazer)

  • New device types (Rain, Wind, Gust)
  • Add battery levels monitoring (use dedicated child devices)
  • Add alive module monitoring (use Netatmo reachable property to make Fibaro devices appearing dead in the interface)
  • Optimized 10 minutes query interval 10s after Netatmo cloud update
  • Minor fixes & enhancements

v2.2 - 06/2020 (GSmart)

  • FIX: prevent crash when we doesn't get any data from Netatmo API
  • Added status info on main QA device

v2.1 - 05/2020 (GSmart)

  • Added support for unit conversion, eg. km/h to m/s
  • Further enhancements in code

v2.0 - 04/2020 (GSmart)

  • Completely redesigned
  • Getting all data in one request to Netatmo API

v1.1 - 04/2020 (GSmart)

  • Added support for Wind and Rain modules

v1.0 - 04/2020 (GSmart)

  • Initial release
  • Supported devices: Base station, Outdoor module, Indoor module


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Regarding upcoming security update in Netatmo API I've prepared a new version of QA to be compatible with this change. So, if QA which you are using, is stopped working please update QA and follow instructions about authorization.


OK so I managed to run this but this is rather brutal sollution. So There were 2 problems. Netatmo was not connecting, and there was an error in console (mentoined earlier). I found this part of the code: for _, module in pairs(device.modules or {}) do noOfModules = noOfModules + 1 local module_last_seen = ("%d.%m.%Y %H:%M:%S", module.last_seen or 0) self:debug("Found module: '"..module._id.."'; station_name: '"..(device.station_name or "???").."'; module_name: '"..(module.module_name or "???").."'; type: '"..module.type.."'; last_seen: '"..module_last_seen.."'") -- Last data update timestamp if module.last_seen > self.max_status_store then self.max_status_store = module.last_seen For local module_last_seen I removed local. Thic caused Netatmo to connect and to create the devices. But there was still that error in console. So I removed thiis part: -- Last data update timestamp if module.last_seen > self.max_status_store then self.max_status_store = module.last_seen And this make the error go away.. Now everything is workng. Problem is I'm not sure what I did :) Can it stal this way ?


Hej. Mam nową HCL3 i problem z pluginem... W konsoli dostaje takie coś: [24.08.2022] [06:17:00] [TRACE] [QA_NETATMO_38]: Netatmo Weather Station QuickApp v2.5.1 - Initialization[24.08.2022] [06:17:00] [TRACE] [QA_NETATMO_38]: QuickApp:loop()[24.08.2022] [06:17:00] [TRACE] [QA_NETATMO_38]: Current time : 06:17:00 - Last updated values : 01:00:00 - Next loop in 30 seconds at 06:17:30...[24.08.2022] [06:17:01] [DEBUG] [QA_NETATMO_38]: Found device: '70:ee:50:3e:eb:98'; station_name: 'Station (Indoor)'; module_name: '???'; type: 'NAMain'; last_status_store: '24.08.2022 06:08:49' [24.08.2022] [06:17:01] [DEBUG] [QA_NETATMO_38]: Found module: '02:00:00:3f:54:c2'; station_name: 'Station (Indoor)'; module_name: 'Na zewnątrz'; type: 'NAModule1'; last_seen: '24.08.2022 06:08:28'[24.08.2022] [06:17:01] [DEBUG] [QA_NETATMO_38]: Found module: '06:00:00:02:4d:b2'; station_name: 'Station (Indoor)'; module_name: 'Anemometr'; type: 'NAModule2'; last_seen: '24.08.2022 06:08:47'[24.08.2022] [06:17:01] [DEBUG] [QA_NETATMO_38]: Found module: '05:00:00:05:e9:e6'; station_name: 'Station (Indoor)'; module_name: 'Deszczomierz'; type: 'NAModule3'; last_seen: '01.01.1970 01:00:00'[24.08.2022] [06:17:01] [ERROR] [QUICKAPP38]: QuickApp crashed[24.08.2022] [06:17:01] [ERROR] [QUICKAPP38]: main.lua:303: attempt to compare number with nil Linijka na której wię wykłada odnosi się do pobrania czasu ostatniego sprawdzenia statusu. Ale nei wiem jak to naprawić :) Pomożecie proszę?


Great QA, works perfect on HC3.


Hello, Did you read the Netatmo API Security Update ? It will no longer be possible to authenticate with the username and password of the user. Since we provide the username and password, I guess it will impact this QA ? Thanks for this nice QA. Best regards