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Aug 18, 2020

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Aug 18, 2020


HC 3 Lite, HC 3





Type Quick App

Allows to pull few metrics from SMA inverter via API of the unit.
To authorize you need to provide API URL, API Password and optionally API User which defaults to usr.

This application provides values for:

  • PV system power
  • Current PV power
  • PV energy produced today
  • Total PV energy

GIT repo:

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Hi Irek, now it's ok for me. The solution : don't load "SMA Energy Meter" and don't load "SMA Energy Sensor" ! Only load "SMA Inverters integration", and all it's ok ;-) Thanks. Just add "Voltage output" and del "Pv system power" (it never change ;-) )


Make sure you're running latest firmware on your HC3 units.


I haven't asked question before, what HC firmware version are u running?


HI Irek if HC2 is ok i connect on the z my SMA Inverter Modbus port 502 but in HC3 it's folowing errors .: [24.02.2021] [22:29:00] [TRACE] [QUICKAPP1449]: [24.02.2021] [22:29:00] [TRACE] [QUICKAPP1449]: SMA czujnik energii fotowoltaicznej [24.02.2021] [22:29:00] [ERROR] [QUICKAPP1449]: QuickApp crashed [24.02.2021] [22:29:00] [ERROR] [QUICKAPP1449]: Unknown error occurred: std::runtime_error: 'Invalid argument'


The error messages about this Quick app : [22.02.2021] [23:23:00] [TRACE] [QUICKAPP64]: [22.02.2021] [23:23:00] [TRACE] [QUICKAPP65]: [22.02.2021] [23:23:00] [ERROR] [QUICKAPP64]: QuickApp crashed [22.02.2021] [23:23:00] [ERROR] [QUICKAPP64]: Unknown error occurred: no static 'phrases' in class 'i18n' [22.02.2021] [23:23:00] [ERROR] [QUICKAPP65]: QuickApp crashed [22.02.2021] [23:23:00] [ERROR] [QUICKAPP65]: Unknown error occurred: no static 'phrases' in class 'i18n'