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Ecobee Thermostat

Control the Ecobee Thermostat and get updates from sensors.

LIFX Lightbulb LAN Quick App

Controls LIFX Lightbulbs over a LAN Connection (No Internet Required)

ENTSO-e Energy Rate Prices

Easy trigger scenes or devices based on current energy price rate in your area.

Netatmo Presence Outdoor Cam light management

This quick app will integrate the light of your outdoor Netatmo Presence camera on your HC3 as if it were a...

NRGKick eV charging station management

This is a basic beta QA to manage an NRGKick charging station for eV

Charge Amps HALO - With Smart Charge

QA to control a Charge Amps Halo from the HC3, it also includes a Smart Charge feature.

PCS Systemy Basenowe

PCS Internetowe Sterowniki Basenowe - informacje o parametrach pracy Twojego basenu