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Mar 21, 2023

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Mar 22, 2023


HC 3 Lite, Yubii Home Pro, HC 3





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NEW: connect your RITUALS Perfume Genie with FIBARO Home Center 3 (Lite)

Quick App installation

  1. Log on to the Home Center 3;
  2. Go to Settings -> 1. Devices;
  3. Click on the blue + button to add a device;
  4. In the Add Device window choose the option Other Device;
  5. Select Upload file;
  6. Open the file The_Perfume_Genie_vX.fqa;
  7. The Quick App will now be installed and becomes visible in the device list.

Quick App configuration

  1. Go to Settings -> 1. Devices;
  2. Click on the new Perfume Genie device;
  3. Select the tab Variables;
  4. Enter the following variables;
    1. ritualsUserName;
    2. ritualsPassword;
  5. Click the Save button to save the Quick App variables.

1 The variable accountToken and hubToken are automatically populated with an unique token after the Quick App has successfully logged in to the RITUALS server.

Usage tips

If you use The Perfume Genie in your HC3 scenes, then I recommend disabling the time schedules in the RITUALS app to avoid conflicts! 

You can read usecase examples for the Quick App at:

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Funktioniert super. Ganz vielen Dank!!!


@Joep: Thanks for your feedback, very much appreciated and it is clear to me. Shame, since it would have been a nice application for our living room.


@Hildo: this QA is written for the HC3. The HC2 Virtual Device structure is completely different, so a QA is not compatible with a VD.


I am using for many year the HC2 which works fine for me but I am wondering if I can use this Rituels The Parfume Genie also with my HC2?


now its working great work

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