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Jan 11, 2023

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Jan 13, 2023


Yubii Home Pro, HC 3





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Caution: this app is a beta version published in order to avoid other Fibaro users to struggle with the low level NRGkick API. According to NRGKick, this API hasn't already been released for devices directly including the wifi capacity as of january 2023. It is only available for NRGKick charging stations with a separate NRGKick connect wifi bridge.

Currently, the only implemented functions are "Start Charging", "Stop Charging" and "Set charging current". I'll implement other features at a later stage, especially the autodiscover NRGKick devices.

Behaviour is quite straight forward:

- the sider sets the charging current

- Start button starts charging

- Stop button stops charging

3 variables have to be setup:

-IP_Address: the IP address of the NRGKick connect bridge (should be set to fix IP on your router if you want to avoid having to enter it each time your router assigns a new IP address to the NRGKick connect bridge). This should look like 192.168.x.y.

- Password: the bluetooth password you have setup in the NRGKick App. Default value is 1234.

- MAC Address: the Mac adress of your NRGKick charging device (and not the one of the NRGKick wifi bridge as a given NRGKick wifi bridge may be linked to multiple charging devices which are identified with their Mac address). You can find it in the settings section of the NRGKick app or on the list of the connected devices to you router.


I'll be happy to take into account your remarks to improve this QA and provide something really useful to the comunity.

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Hi I have a problem with communication with the charger via QuickApp, I would like to ask for information: 1. Are you sure you need to enter the bluetooth password and not the mobile app password? 2. Just in case, I would like to check the MAC address of the charger in the mobile application, where to look for this MAC address in the mobile application?

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