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Gardena smartsystem

View garden status and control your GARDENA smart gardening devices with this Fibaro Virtual Device.

Smog Monitor from AIRLY.EU Sensors v.2.00

Monitors Air Pollution by reading the smog indicators from AIRLY.EU sensors network. Ver. 2.0

Gardena Status - water and mow your lawn

Link Gardena Smart System devices with Home Center 2 to control mower and watering system.

Garden scene

Garden scene starts garden watering every day and mowing 3 days a week on specific hours

Husqvarna Automower Connect

See status and control Husqvarna Automower with GPRS-module

QuickApp/integration with Husqvarna AutoMower(kosiarka)

Quick Apps can monitor and control Husqvarna AutoMowers in your garden based on HTTPS REST API connection

Amazon Alexa Doorbell skill by IJPUK.COM

Fibaro HC3 event messages via Alexa speaker

BBQ Guru CyberQ WIFI

Monitor and control the temperature of your smoker, grill or barbecue