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Sep 21, 2020

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Nov 09, 2020


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Type Quick App

The Quick App can monitor and control Husqvarna AutoMowers (kosiarka) in your garden. 

The Quick App is written in Lua language for Home Center 3 FIBARO controller. 

This Quick Apps allows to monitor selected Husqvarna Mower and send a command to it. 

The Quick Apps gives you an opportunity to monitor and control your Mower parallel to the mobile app written by Husqvarna called AMC. 

It required to sign-in to a developer account on Husqvarna Developer page and define a new application which generates a new Application Key used by all REST API requests. (the whole process is shown on video: "5004 _REST_API" on my portal). 

You can see the whole process how to program and build any HTTP REST API integration with any external device on the FIBARO system on my dedicated portal:> FIBARO portal DIY > REST API (Jak sterować dowolnym urządzeniem przez Internet)

My portal shows many DIY movies how to connect, program and work with many FIBARO devices. 

If you like to contact, please email on [email protected]

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Thanks for your answer, but instead of commercializing your website you could of course delete the non-working husqvarna QA from this marketplace and save us a lot of error-seeking..... just a thought


Thanks for letting me know. Unfortunately, I sold my Husqvarna mower device and cannot test it now. It is normal that API URLs are changed by manufacture, so please adopt them based on the REST API documentation (you can find it on the Husqvarna account). Moreover, on my dedicated for smart home user portal I can teach you programming in Lua language for FIBARO.


the QA doesn't work, the Husqvarna api has changed and for instance the [access] is missing when talking to the api in the POST command function


Hello, is this app still working ? i always get the following error for any kind of command: any help ? starting action "Start" for mover id xxxx [16.03.2022] [11:43:32] [DEBUG] [QUICKAPP730]: action Start success..... 400 [16.03.2022] [11:43:32] [DEBUG] [QUICKAPP730]: API status err: 400 [16.03.2022] [11:43:32] [DEBUG] [QUICKAPP730]: ""


hello Lukasz, does this app work with Gardena also? it's owned by Husqvarna... tks

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