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Sep 21, 2020

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Sep 28, 2020


HC 3





Type Quick App

The Quick App can monitor and control Husqvarna AutoMowers (kosiarka) in your garden. 

The Quick App is written in Lua language for Home Center 3 FIBARO controller. 

This Quick Apps allows to monitor selected Husqvarna Mower and send a command to it. 

The Quick Apps gives you an opportunity to monitor and control your Mower parallel to the mobile app written by Husqvarna called AMC. 

It required to sign-in to a developer account on Husqvarna Developer page and define a new application which generates a new Application Key used by all REST API requests. (the whole process is shown on video: "5004 _REST_API" on my portal). 

You can see the whole process how to program and build any HTTP REST API integration with any external device on the FIBARO system on my dedicated portal: -> FIBARO portal DIY

My portal shows many DIY movies how to connect, program and work with many FIBARO devices. 

If you like to contact, please email on [email protected]

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