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Nov 08, 2022

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Nov 08, 2022


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Type Quick App

Version 1.0 (2022.11.08)
based on public Hunter API v1.4


  • FIBARO Home Center 3
  • FIBARO Home Center 3 Lite
  • FIBARO Yubii Home 
  • Hunter Hydrawise irrigation controllers (


  • QuickApp maps Hydrawise zones to zone devices (child devices of the QuickApp), with information of their state and next watering time
  • Zone devices can be switched ON or OFF manually, via scenes or via Garden Panel
  • Zone devices support Default Watering Time that is used when device is switched ON manually or via a scene in the Home Center. User can set Default Watering Time after opening device’s UI. 
  • Commands to Start/Force Watering in scenes allow to start watering with time provided in scene
  • Zone devices can be used in Garden Panel (as Sprinkers) and can be controlled by schedules and sequences defined at Home Center side (* HC firmware 5.113 or higher is required)
  • START ALL option starts all zones, one by one. It is handled by Hydrawise controller, so times for each zone are applied by controller, usually based on next schedule active at the controller.
  • STOP ALL option stops current watering
  • QuickApp is “binary sensor” type. Has ON/true value when any zone is active (watering). QuickApp can be used in scenes, as a sensor, to trigger additional actions.


  • API_KEY shall be entered at Variables tab of the QuickApp. It can be found after login to Hydrawise account (, at MyAccount/Account Details menu.
  • Controller_ID can be entered at Variables tab of the QuickApp when you have more than one controller registered at your account. Other accepted values of Controller_ID:
    - value 0 means “use default controller”, 
    - values from 1 to 9 means – use controller #n from the list (Controller_ID variable will be replaced with real controller ID when #n will match a one)
  • After connecting Hydrawise cloud, the QuickApp creates Zone subdevices, one device per each Hydrawise zone. QuickApp checks Hydrawise configuration from time to time and updates Zone subdevices when controller’s configuration is changed.


  • QuickApp supports up to 24 zones.
  • One QuickApp connects to one Hydrawise controller, it is possible to install QuickApp few times and control more controllers.
  • Zone names are taken from Hydrawise controller, and updated from controller when changed
  • Hydrawise zones support multiple suspend exceptions, so each use of Lock_Nh button at QuickApp adds new exception, that can overlap others.
  • QuickApp does not have information about any suspend exceptions, shows only next watering time. There is no way to cancel suspend exceptions from QuickApp (due to API limitations). It can be done via Hydrawise APP or WEB account.
  • Hydrawise API limits number of calls up to 30 per 5 minutes. When QuickApp and subdevices (zones) are changed too often, temporary communication lock can occur (QuickApp displays message about that). Call count is done per API_KEY, so is summarized for all QuickApps that refers to controllers assigned to same Hydrawise account.
  • QuickApp has English UI, but some messages are displayed in original form, as provided by Hydrawise controller’s API. 

ZIP file for download

  • fqa QuickApp file to import to your FIBARO Home Center (Settings / Devices / Add device / Other Device / Upload File)
  • PNG icon (2 files for OFF and ON state), to add binary sensor (two states) icon for QuickApp



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Hi. This is QuickApp (not Virtual Device), so it is for HC3 (HC3 Lite etc) only. Cannot by installed and started an HC2. It is also declared in the description. But it is open source, so LUA programerscan try to adapt the code to HC2...


Hello, anybody tested with FIBARO Home Center 2?

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