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Apr 25, 2022

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May 31, 2023


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Terms and conditions

This Somfy TaHoma Switch Quick App is for personal, non-commercial use only! You may not directly or indirectly sell, lease, loan or generate a revenue using this Somfy TaHoma Switch Quick App.

If you are an FIBARO Installer or personal user who wants to sell or use a supported Somfy TaHoma Quick App you can find the official supported integration here. This integration has both RTS and IO (2-way communication) support.


This Quick App has been written in such a way that it respects the Somfy API guidelines. Your use of the Somfy TaHoma switch Quick App is solely at your own risk. If your public IP address is blocked by the Somfy API servers, that is your own responsibility. If Somfy changes or stops offering the API that this Quick App uses, I will not be responsible for the failure of automations made with this Quick App.

Release notes


  • Somfy Cloud API server fix.


  • Quick fix for non responding roller shutters after May 17, 2023.


  • Token expiry issue solved. After two attempts the QA stops trying and logs back in after 1 minute.


  • Issue with RTS devices not responding to the open and my command fixed.


This Quick App reads the Somfy devices from the TaHoma switch box and creates child devices with the com.fibaro.rollerShutter device type. This allows you to control the devices in almost the same way the Roller Shutter 3 Z-wave module does.


The standard open, close and level commands are supported. Automatically the Favorite Position button is mapped to the My button on the Somfy system.

Device status

Most Somfy devices are not capable of reporting their status. Devices that use the IO protocol are capable but at the moment this is not implemented in this Quick App. You need to be aware of this when creating scenes with the HC3. The official supported integration supports both RTS and IO (2-way communication).

Quick installation


Before you can integrate your Somfy devices into the Home Center 3 (HC3) you must meet the following prerequisites:

  1. A TaHoma switch,
  2. Your Somfy devices needs to be configured and connected to the TaHoma switch via the TaHoma app,
  3. This Somfy TaHoma Quick App installed on your HC3.

Quick App installation

  1. Start your favorite browser and open your Home Center 3 dashboard by typing the correct URL for your HC3,
  2. Go to Settings and Devices,
  3. Click the blue + icon to add a new device,
  4. In the Add Device dialog click on Other Device,
  5. Choose Upload File and upload the .fqa file your can download below.
  6. Additionally you can change the icon of the Quick App with the attached icon.

Quick App configuration

  1. Go to Settings and Devices,
  2. Expand the imported Tahoma Switch device,
  3. Select the Variables tab,
  4. Fill in the userid and userPassword fields with the credentials you use to login the TaHoma app on your phone or tablet.
  5. If you press the blue Save button the Quick App will be initialised, reads all devices from the TaHoma box and automatically creates child devices in your HC3.


Full documentation

You can read the full documentation of the Somfy TaHoma Switch Quick App at:

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Thank you very much for the update. But now I have a new error and the QuickApp crashes. Is it possible to purchase the official version if I'm an individual and not a company?


I uploaded v1.3.1 which should work now.


The Somfy server that this QA uses seem to be offline or they changed the servers. I can't guarantee that I update this QA or I take it offline now Somfy took the server offline. Please use the new supported QA with official (local) API if you desperately need it to work.


Hello everyone, I downloaded the quickapp Somfy TaHoma Switch integration. I installed it on my HCL 3, and entered the 2 variables (id and password). Nothing happens. When I go to the console, I get the following items [29.05.2023] [12:10:07] [WARNING] [QUICKAPP105]: Please set the userId Quick App variable first! [29.05.2023] [12:11:16] [DEBUG] [QUICKAPP105]: QuickApp: Somfy initialisation... [29.05.2023] [12:11:16] [DEBUG] [QUICKAPP105]: Start authentication... [29.05.2023] [12:11:16] [DEBUG] [QUICKAPP105]: error: Connection refused However, these identifiers are the ones I use to connect to the app on my phone. How can I get logs in the "chattier" console so that I can understand what's going on? Thanks for your help