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Sep 11, 2020

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Nov 13, 2023


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Type Quick App

OpenWeather weather provider

An alternative to YR weather provider, that is default weather provider for HC3.

Beside weather provider, it allows to create couple other companion devices (sensors) that show current values for:

  • Temperature
  • Wind
  • Rain
  • Pressure
  • Humidity
  • Cloud cover
  • UV index
  • Time of sunrise
  • Time of sunset

Data updates every 1 hour.


Main device requires only an APIKEY to be specified. APIKEY can be obtained from OpenWeather API keys page.

To enable companion devices, just toggle them using buttons.

Configuration will be saved into global variables which guarantee persistance of devices selection.

Optionally, you can change Source variable value to OneCall, that will use previous data endpoint. Using default value of Weather, uses new endpoint, that doesn't require paid subscription.


Quick application allows to use forecast up to 48 hours ahead. To adjust the forecast offset, use the slider.

Changing weather provider

To change default weather provider you need to go to Settings page and click General category. On displayed page you should see section called Main Sensors with Weather provider dropdown, that will let you pick OpenWeather Station as your new source of information.

To see changes in top bar, you need to refresh Home Center UI.

GIT Repository:

Last update: 2023-11-12

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I finally changed the QA to use free endpoint. It also support forecast data.


It does not work out of the box anymore. You need to switch to API 3.0 version, which will require credit card payment methd to be added and changes in the LUA code to align with new API 3.0. By default the App is using API 2.5, that will not work. Please note that using One Call 3.0 requires a separate subscription to the One Call by Call plan. Learn more here If you have a valid subscription to the One Call by Call plan, but still receive this error, then please see for more info."


How often did this pull data from the API? Can i change this to every 10 minutes?


I've managed to have it connecting without crashing (and I'll start now to check if the results are consistent). First of all, even for the free use of openweather, even if my key was activated, I've had to subscribe to onecall product = filli ng my billing details, including credit card number. Once this is done, oncall is REALLY activated but onpeweather will charge only above 1000 calls/day. Then, to ensure to not have to pay, it is possible on the subscription tab to limit the subscription to 1000 calls/day. Once this was done, as the new API is now 3.0 and no longer 2.5, I've had to change the api call to the following: baseUrl = '' I hope this will help other newbies to start paying with this QA.


Thanks a lot for that! I have to admit that I'm quite new in using Fibaro products, but what it promises is amazing! Currently, I'm gathering all what I can on my HC3 and then, I'll start to have it all work together. And weather forecast is one of the main area where I want to spend time to manage my home.