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Sep 06, 2021

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Sep 06, 2021


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Type Quick App

QuickApp integration with Fronius inverters. Works with new energy panel. 

Software version required: 5.080 or higher. 


To configure this QuickApp, please provide the IP address of your inverter in the variables tab.


After successful connection, the quick app will add additional "endpoints" to the system:

  • total production, shown as energy meter type (unit: kWh)
  • current production, shown as power meter type (unit: W)

If the Fronius installation is equipped with the meter of consumed energy, another two additional endpoints will be available:

  • total consumption, shown as energy meter type (unit: kWh)
  • grid balance, shown as power meter type (unit: W). Value above 0 means that power is taken from the grid. Negative value means that power is exported to the grid. 

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So it was working fine for almost last two years.. Now it stopped working. I got connection error and on the console it says connection refused... I have HC3 and Fronius Symo 6kw+smart meter... Now I cant monitor or drive any devices with power tresholds...


Hi Thx for your Work!!! Fronius go in to a sleepmode at Night. Is it possible to Stop the Pull then? [01.10.2023] [20:37:55] [ERROR] [QUICKAPP1644]: No route to host [01.10.2023] [20:38:48] [ERROR] [QUICKAPP1644]: Operation canceled [01.10.2023] [20:38:58] [ERROR] [QUICKAPP1644]: No route to host [01.10.2023] [20:39:51] [ERROR] [QUICKAPP1644]: Operation canceled


i have got Symo 10.0-3 and HC3 with connection error. What is the port number? (80 ??)


Hello Is it possible to add the "akku" child which appears in the QA panel in order to be able to manage the absorbed or injected power of the battery in scenes in scenes THANKS


Can anyone point me in the right direction to install this quick app? What parameters to fill in?

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