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Sep 06, 2021

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Sep 06, 2021


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Type Quick App

QuickApp integration with Fronius inverters. Works with new energy panel. 

Software version required: 5.080 or higher. 


To configure this QuickApp, please provide the IP address of your inverter in the variables tab.


After successful connection, the quick app will add additional "endpoints" to the system:

  • total production, shown as energy meter type (unit: kWh)
  • current production, shown as power meter type (unit: W)

If the Fronius installation is equipped with the meter of consumed energy, another two additional endpoints will be available:

  • total consumption, shown as energy meter type (unit: kWh)
  • grid balance, shown as power meter type (unit: W). Value above 0 means that power is taken from the grid. Negative value means that power is exported to the grid. 

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Can anyone point me in the right direction to install this quick app? What parameters to fill in?


Regarding the comment of Bourguignon Jean-Charles, Iv'e just discovered that to achieve this, the API will not work. Instead, some low level coding using the modbus TCP interface is needed. As I have the same need = managing the battery charging and discharging, I'll start to see how it works but we are no longer in the nice json world but in writing and reading registries.


hello Good QA, it may be missing for my part the management of the battery part. it would be good to have the power for charging or discharging the battery, and the production index of the battery. Thanks


congratulations, nice app, some pictures would be helpful, thanks


Thank you for an excellent QA. Just a comment, Gen24 Inverters does not support E_DAY and E_TOTAL I have a battery and State Of Charge; self.SOC = fronius.Body.Data.Inverters['1'].SOC self:updateView("SOC", "text", "State of Charge: " .. string.format("%.3f",fronius.Body.Data.Inverters['1'].SOC) .. " %") SOC shows correct in panel, however I try to feed SOC values in a child process (same as Production, Grid etc) to add some logic to control hot water tank and pool heat pump. Ie, if SOC > and Grid -2500 and time etc... May I please ask for some assistance to add the SOC as a device/child? Thanks John