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Feb 08, 2022

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Feb 22, 2023


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Type Quick App

  • This Quickapp retrieves; wattsNow, wattHoursToday, wattHoursSevenDays and wattHoursLifetime from the local Enphase Evoy (S ore Metered)
  • In the QuickApp labels wattHoursToday, wattHoursSevenDays and wattHoursLifetimes is shown 
  • The wattsNow is shown in the top (under the sunpanel icon)
  • data refresh standard every 10 seconds, but Enphase Evoy update every 15 minutes (at this moment, but can change after software changes by Enphase)
  • Tested with:
  • Envoy-S-Metered-EU
  • Software version: 5.0.54
  • HC3 | 5.130.64
  • Pay attention: QA don't work with the Envoy on software version 7.0.88 or higer..! 


Version 1.1 (03th April 2022)

  • New download file, QA as Energie meter 

Version 0.3 (26th January 2021)

  • bug: for HC3 5.051 users are not both values vissable. This QA copies to Multilevel QA
  • Change in Variable possible:
  • ShowData: 1 --> Top: wattHoursToday | bottem: wattHoursSevenDays (default)
  • ShowData: 2 --> Top: wattsNow | bottem: wattHoursSevenDays

Version 0.2 (22th January 2021)

  • Initial version

Variables (mandatory and automaticaly generated):  

  • IPaddress = IP address of your local Enphase Envoy
  • Path = Path, normally "api/v1/production" (don't changes unless you know what you are doing)
  • Interval = Number in seconds, the Enphase Monitor normally is updated every 10 seconds
  • debugLevel = Number (1=some, 2=few, 3=all, 4=simulation mode) (default = 1)
  • Example content Json table
  • { "wattHoursToday": 5480, "wattHoursSevenDays": 21271, "wattHoursLifetime": 4122447, "wattsNow": 0 }


How to install: 

  • Open the Configuration Interface
  • Go to Settings > Devices
  • Click  +
  • Choose Other Device
  • Choose Upload File
  • Choose file from your computer with .fqa 


  • On top, "wattHoursToday" (this value reset every day to zero at 00:00 hours)
  • bottom (log) the 7-day "wattHoursSevenDays"


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Is there a way to get this running on a HC2?


Nice, tnkx!


Hi, does anyone know if this works with HC 2? Thank you.


no, this will not work on a HC2 When you search on the Forum, you find more for HC2


Hi Twan, Thanks a lot for sharing. It seems work perfect with my envoy-S.

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