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Aug 25, 2021

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Sep 06, 2021


Yubii Home Pro, HC 3





Type Quick App

  • Version:
    • V0.1 beta 25/08/2021
  • Functions
    • Power (ON and OFF)
    • Inputs(HDMI 1 to 5, Bluray, DVD, SAT/CBL, DVR/BDR, Video 1, iRadio, Sirius, Pandora, Media Server, iPodUSB, TV, CD, USB/DAC, Tuner, Phono)
    • Cursor(Up, down, left, right, enter, return)
    • Configurations(Info, Home, Audio Parameters, Video Parameters)
    • Internet Playback control (Play, Pause, Stop, Next, Previous, slider volume, mute)
  • How to configure

    To use that device you need to access your Home Center at your browser, and go to:

    Settings > Devices > Click at the "+" blue icon, at the top right corner > Other Devices > Upload File

  1. At the Variables tab, changed the value of the "ip" variable to the IP of your receiver or the serial controller.
  2. Setup the TCP port of your Receiver, Pioneer Receivers uses port 23 or 8102


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dosent work i have vsx-832


Hello Denis, for the VSX series it's compatible with the VSX-1127,1122,1027, and 922 models


I haver not found any API documentation about this specific model you have. If have this docs please share with me sending a private message, so I can help you


Easy to set up, and works great on my SC-1223. But i miss ability to change between zone 1 and 2


With the vsx 824-k it does not work as it should

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