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Apr 25, 2021

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Sep 12, 2023


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Type Quick App

Version: 1.3.1


It's a Quick App for Nest Devices. It supports:

  • Nest Thermostat
  • Nest Camera
  • Nest Doorbell



The features are:

  • Nest Thermostat: change the heating/cooling point, mode (off, heat, cool, manual eco), get ambiant temperature/humidity
  • Nest Camera: detect motion of person
  • Nest Doorbell: doorbell chime


Create a Google Device Nest Account in

Follow the QuickStart in

Link your account in

Account permissions requirement: access and control your thermostat, know when an event occurs with your camera (motion of person), know when a person press the doorbell 






"Project ID" created in


"OAuth 2.0 Client ID" created in


"Client Secret" created in


"Authentication code". Set xxx for the first time and see below


Only used for camera and doorbell (See below). Else leave empty


Only used for camera and doorbell (See below). Else leave empty


Delay in second to refresh the value


OAuth2 refresh token. Set it to '-'


How to get the Authentication code:

A notification will give you the URL to generate the code. During the process you need to authorize the Quick App to access and control your wanted devices.

At the end of the process, you will get an url such as

The code is in red. You need to copy it inside the parameter 'code'.

Only for Camera and doorbell

Follow the steps explained in When you have created your Pub/Sub Subject. You writte this command in Google Cloud Shell (replace the subject with yours)

gcloud pubsub subscriptions create fibaro --topic=projects/sdm-prod/topics/enterprise-xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx

Detailled installation and troubleshooting

You can have more detailled installation at the following URL:


v1.3.1 - 09/2023

  • Fix bug for Nest Camera

v1.3 - 08/2023

  • Add support for Nest Camera
  • Add support for Nest Doorbell
  • No change for Nest Thermostat

v1.2 - 02/2023

  • Celsius and Fahrenheit support
  • Fix bug in cooling feature
  • Add support for Z-Box hub

 v1.1 - 01/2023

  • Add cooling support (if thermostat support it)
  • Display if thermostat is actively heating
  • Round the temperature value to one decimal place

 v1.0 - 01/2022

  • Supported mode: Off, Heat, Manual Eco
  • Get ambiant humidity and Temperature

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Hello, You can find a detailed installation guide at the following link: This webpage also includes troubleshooting information. The gcpProjectId and subscription are only used for the camera and do not prevent link generation. To debug, you can check the logs in the Fibaro console. What logs do you have?


Hello Guillaume, Thank you for the QA, I am struggling to make it work. I added all the steps, but my HC3 is not trying to connect, so i am not getting the link. I got my code from Google and put it in the device variables, but that didn't work too.... My GcpProjectId dosn't start with Domotique....... is that the issue? and if yes, how to fix it please?


Hello. On my side, I do not have the problem of disconnection. Can you check in the Fibaro console if there are any errors before losing the Nest connection, such as 'getAccessToken() status is ...' or 'getAccessToken() failed:'? Perhaps, when the QuickApp needs to refresh the Nest access, the Google API is broken.


Hello Guillaume, One question if you or someoneelse who are using your app notice the issue I have, for some reason every a few weeks my connection with Nest thermostat is lost and I have to generate a new code to replace in settings. It is annoying specially if I do not notice notification to fix it. Thank you in advance for your responce


The Nest Smoke Sensor is not supported. Unfortunately, Google does not provide an API for integration.

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