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Apr 25, 2021

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Jan 24, 2022


HC 3 Lite, HC 3





Type Quick App

It's a Quick App for Nest Thermostat.

The features are

  • change the heating point
  • change mode (off, heat, manual eco)
  • get state
  • get ambiant temperature
  • get ambiant humidity



Create a Google Device Nest Account in

Follow the QuickStart in

Link your account in

(Account permissions requirement: access and control your thermostat)


Name Description Exemple of value
projectId Id of the project created in  
clientId OAuth2 Client ID created in  
clientSecret OAuth2 Client ID created in  
code Authentication code

Set 'xxx' for the fisrt time. See below

frequency delay in second to refresh the value 60
refreshToken OAuth2 refresh token Automatically retrieve. Set it to 'xxx' for the fisrt time


How to get the Authentication code:

A notification will give you the URL to generate the code. During the process you need to authorize the Quick App to access and control your thermostat.

At the end of the process, you will get an url such as

The code is in red. You need to copy it inside the parameter 'code'.




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