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Aug 11, 2021

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Aug 25, 2021


HC 3





Type Quick App

  • Version:
    • Unique version
    • I don't own this QA, I am just sharing it. All credits to Andrzej Socha
  • Devices compatible
    • Receivers, AudioBox and Amplifiers with MusicCast
  • Functions
    • ON and OFF
    • Slider Volume
    • Sources (HDMI1 to HDMI5, AV1 to AV5, Net Radio, Server, USB, Tuner, Bluetooth, Spotify, Airplay, Napster, Juke, Audio 1 and 2, Phono, V-Aux)
    • Program Selection (Straight, Hall in Munich, Hall in Viena, Chamber, Cellar Club, The Roxy Teathre, The Botton Line, Action Game, Roleplaying Game, Music Video, Standart, Spectacle, Sci-fi, Adventure, Drama, Stereo 2ch, Stereo 7ch, Surround Decoder)
  • How to configure

To use that device you need to access your Home Center at your browser, and go to:

Settings > Devices > Click at the "+" blue icon, at the top right corner > Other Devices > Upload File

  1. Configure the "IPAddress" variable of this QuickApp, to do so click on the "Variables" tab of this QuickApp.
    • Keep the "IPAddress" name of the variable, change only its value, with the IP of your MusicCast device

If you have any suggestions leave at the comments. Enjoy it!

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Sorry, does not work with my Yamaha at all.


Thanks! Great App!


volume and mute does not work, also not possible to play tidal..

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