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Oct 20, 2017

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Dec 14, 2018


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Virtual Device to pull information on ionized radiation level

 --                          version 1.69                         --

 --                       Date:  2nd Mar 2017                --


by Marcin S. Milewski (gucio1234)



This Virtual Device reads the information on the level of ionized radiation from the are sensors distributed all over Europe, some in US, Japan and other countries.




For the VD to be functional the following has to be adjusted:

  • The global variable 'temprad" has to be created
  • Icon of the slider has to be updated as ' yellow radiation with timer'
  • The code has to be adjusted in USER CONFIG Section (Values marked with ENTER in comments).

ThingSpeak API Key if one wants to push data to ThingSpeak. IDs of the Icons (green, yellow, orange, red, yellow with timer)


 Coordiantes of the locaton of the sensor 

 How to know where are the sensors located and how to get their coordinates :


 The map of the sensors is at:

 Click on the dot of the sensor you want to know the location ID

 You will see the popup with the information of the sensor. 

 Note 'Details Sensor' number


 You need to see the source of the

 Enter 'view-source:' 

 into the browser (eg. Chrome)

 Press Ctrl-F to find the sensor number you noted earlier

 Next to the number found you will see the coordinates

 Enter coordinates into the code below.




What is new in version 0.67:

Multilangual support.


What is new in version 1.67:

The VD is not anymore auto-refreshed with the time interval set by slider, but it is refreshed by pressing a button. This is to have it triggered by Main Timer Scene.


What is new in version 1.68:

German translation added (by gobbli of 


What is new in version 1.69:

Dutch and Slovak translation added (by Bodyart of

Italian and Croatian translation added (by Sankotronic of 





  • andre                      from -  author of the idea
  • rusconidesigner      from  - author of the multicolor radiation icons
  • gucio1234               from &  -  who make final version of the VD
  • Sankotronic            from - who make some changes + Croatian and Italian translation
  • jompa68                  from - from whom I got multilangual concept
  • gobbli                      from - author of Deutsch translation
  • Bodyart                   from - author of Dutch and Slovak translation

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@Maciej Gawrysiak Thank you very much for your interest in Radiation Monitor. The version published here was significantly improved and enhanced by @Sankotronic. This new version is available at the following link : Since we do have improved version available, one which was published here is not updated anymore.


I found a problem in your code: function getWebPageData() local HCnet=Net.FHttp("") local webString,sepString,stationID,web_data=HCnet:GET("/map/"),'GLatLng',"0",{} When you do GET you are not checking if the exit code and status is correct so when there are some problems with site the virtual device hangs and stops to collect any data anymore. You can simple correct this by: unction getWebPageData() local HCnet=Net.FHttp("") local sepString,stationID,web_data='GLatLng',"0",{} local webString, status, errorCode = HCnet:GET("/map/") if ((tonumber(errorCode) == 0) and (tonumber(status) == 200)) then local _d_unit,_active,skip=unit(),true,false (...) else fibaro:debug("Error processing request, status: " .. status .. " | errorCode: " .. errorCode) end end


Can it be launched on HC Lite?


Newest version of this VD was published on marketplace : It is much more advanced, and ism hands free. No user input is needed. I do recommend to upgrade to this version 2.1 published by Sankotronic.


Terje, I did not know project earlier. They offered API interface for their data. The Radiation monitor I published is not easy to link to their project, but I will consider to focus on another, dedicated VD.

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