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Mar 26, 2020

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Mar 30, 2021


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Type Quick App

Quick App to control Wifi Gateways of Intesis.

Link of all devices:



  • DK-AC-WMP-1
  • DK-RC-WMP-1
  • FJ-AC-WMP-1
  • FJ-RC-WMP-1
  • IS-IR-WMP-1
  • LG-RC-WMP-1
  • ME-AC-WMP-1
  • MH-AC-WMP-1
  • MH-RC-WMP-1
  • PA-AC-WMP-1
  • PA-RC2-WMP-1
  • TO-RC-WMP-1
  • FJ-AC-MBS-16
  • HS-AC-MBS-64
  • HS-AC-MBS-16
  • HI-AC-MBS-64
  • HI-AC-MBS-16
  • ME-AC-MBS-100
  • ME-AC-MBS-50
  • PA-AC-MBS-128
  • PA-AC-MBS-64
  • PA-AC-MBS-16
  • SM-ACN-MBS-64
  • SM-ACN-MBS-16
  • SM-ACN-MBS-8
  • SM-ACN-MBS-4


How to configurate the Quick App:

1.-Install the archive Intesis.fqa uploading in Settings --> Devices --> + --> Other Devices --> Upload File.

2.- Go to Devices --> Intesis --> Variables --> Define the IP Address, TCP Port and Position.

TCP Port is 3310 by default and Position select "True" if you have vane position and "False" if you don't have.

If you want to change the zone controlled you need to change the variable acNum.



The functions of this Quick App are:

- Possibility of change status, tempertature, mode, fan speed and vane positioning .

- Show the status, ambient and set temperature, mode, fan speed, vane positioning and errors of the AA.


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Muchas gracias por la integración. A ver si activan el poderlo ver desde la aplicación movil.


Thanks Daniel. Its working on HC2. The only thing I would like is a slider for temperature. What I want to do is to press its buttons from another scenes that can tweak the aircon based on season and time of day. Pressing up /down on the temperature is not workable. A slider would allow me to set the temperature easier.


Hi Daniel. Will you be converting your QA to Thermostat type QA (out with 5.031) or will you leave it as Fibaro switch type QA?


Hey Daniel, I had my Intesis box installed this morning but it has caused the Fujitsu wall controller to become non responsive, the dip switches seem to be all in the right configuration, Any ideas why it may be doing that?


Hi That is better to contact HMS support.

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