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Mar 26, 2020

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Mar 30, 2021


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Type Quick App

Quick App to control Wifi Gateways of Intesis.

Link of all devices:



  • DK-AC-WMP-1
  • DK-RC-WMP-1
  • FJ-AC-WMP-1
  • FJ-RC-WMP-1
  • IS-IR-WMP-1
  • LG-RC-WMP-1
  • ME-AC-WMP-1
  • MH-AC-WMP-1
  • MH-RC-WMP-1
  • PA-AC-WMP-1
  • PA-RC2-WMP-1
  • TO-RC-WMP-1
  • FJ-AC-MBS-16
  • HS-AC-MBS-64
  • HS-AC-MBS-16
  • HI-AC-MBS-64
  • HI-AC-MBS-16
  • ME-AC-MBS-100
  • ME-AC-MBS-50
  • PA-AC-MBS-128
  • PA-AC-MBS-64
  • PA-AC-MBS-16
  • SM-ACN-MBS-64
  • SM-ACN-MBS-16
  • SM-ACN-MBS-8
  • SM-ACN-MBS-4


How to configurate the Quick App:

1.-Install the archive Intesis.fqa uploading in Settings --> Devices --> + --> Other Devices --> Upload File.

2.- Go to Devices --> Intesis --> Variables --> Define the IP Address, TCP Port and Position.

TCP Port is 3310 by default and Position select "True" if you have vane position and "False" if you don't have.

If you want to change the zone controlled you need to change the variable acNum.



The functions of this Quick App are:

- Possibility of change status, tempertature, mode, fan speed and vane positioning .

- Show the status, ambient and set temperature, mode, fan speed, vane positioning and errors of the AA.


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ok, where can I get the WMP configuration tool from ? I cant find it anywhere on the intesis website.


Hi, Try to use the WMP Configuration Tool and check that the unit control doesn't return you any error.


Hi, I tried this on a HC3L with the Intesis DK-RC-WMP-1 and it does not work. It does not get any of the information from the unit nor control it. IP address is correct and I have left everything else as standard. Any ideas?


Hi That is better to contact HMS support.