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Sep 22, 2021

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Aug 31, 2023


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Type Quick App

QuickApp integration with Huawei inverters, using Modbus TCP protocol. Works with new energy panel. 

Software version required: 5.080 or higher. 

Tested on: SUN2000-2KTL L1

Should work with inverters with integrated WLAN, and those equipped with smart dongle. Probably it does not work with the smart logger, due to different register addresses.


To configure this QuickApp, please provide the IP address of your inverter in the variables tab. You can adjust polling time by changing the pollingTime variable (time in minutes).  


After successful connection, the quick app will add additional "endpoints" to the system:

  • total production, shown as energy meter type (unit: kWh)
  • current production, shown as power sensor type (unit: W)



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Hello. I can't get readings from inverter... Followed Jean Jomaron instruction from Jul 11. - but no data. Huawei inverter/dongle set to "unrestricted modbus communication". What am I doing wrong or not understanding..?


Model: SUN2000-3.68KTL-L1 HC3 5.140.17 Doing several test, Huawei solar is working. change port 502 -- to -> 6607 and follow the instructions of: ..... - add comment ( -- ) at begin of the line 142 - add comment ( -- ) at begin of the line 144 - change in line 153 com.fibaro.powerSensor to com.fibaro.powerMeter - click on save (thank you jakub) It looks like it's working. Will do more test next days. At least I can read the production kwh and instant production kw (this one will be useful to on/off some devices if there is not production) Hope this will help some one.


Read this topic:


Hi SUN2000-3.68KTL-L1. Software version V200R001C00SPC130 Connected to my router using WLAN WIFI (not dongle). What parameters should I use? Tested following instructions provided = [08.07.2023] [00:39:28] [ERROR] [QUICKAPP21]: Connection error Thanks


Five stars! Works perfectly with Deivydas Jurčiukonis tweaking of the code. Activated Modbus-TCP in VR. Tested on SUN2000-10KTL-M1 and SUN2000-3KTL-M1 both with DTSU-666H connected