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Mar 28, 2021

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May 08, 2024


HC 3 Lite, Yubii Home Pro, Yubii Home, HC 3





Type Quick App


Manage your Fibaro HC3/HCL/Yubii Home devices from Home Assistant, via MQTT broker.

HowTo guide, and feature requests could be tracked atΒ

Supported Fibaro devices:

  • Z-Wave hardware, and experimental Zigbee & Nice devices support
  • Sensors - Fibaro Motion Sensor, Fibaro Universal Sensor, Fibaro Flood Sensor, Fibaro Smoke/Fire Sensor, most of the generic sensors to measure temperature, humidity, brightness and so on
  • Energy and power meters
  • Charge level sensors for battery-powered devices
  • Lights - binary, dimmers and RGBW (no RGB for now)
  • Switches
  • Remote Controllers, where each key is binded to automation triggers visible in Home Assistant GUI
  • Thermostats (limited support for a few known vendors)

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Hi Jan (hope I pronounce your name correctly), Can we please discuss it in more details once you submit a ticket to


it gives this message: [01.05.2024] [08:09:32] [DEBUG] [QUICKAPP260]: Fibaro device 280 got modified => its old configuration to be removed, and then the new one added by the QuickApp [01.05.2024] [08:09:32] [DEBUG] [QUICKAPP260]: Fibaro device removed 280_energy [01.05.2024] [08:09:32] [DEBUG] [QUICKAPP260]: Fibaro device removed 280 [01.05.2024] [08:09:32] [DEBUG] [QUICKAPP260]: Fibaro device 280 added [01.05.2024] [08:09:32] [DEBUG] [QUICKAPP260]: [πŸ”Œ] #280 named as "Powerplug 5" in "Library" room identified as switch-binary type [01.05.2024] [08:09:32] [DEBUG] [QUICKAPP260]: ┣━━▢ [⚑] #280_energy named as "Powerplug 5" in "Library" room identified as sensor-energy type [01.05.2024] [08:09:32] [DEBUG] [QUICKAPP260]: ┗━━▢ [⚑] #280_power named as "Powerplug 5" in "Library" room identified as sensor-power type and then only power gets measured but not total spend energy


hi, I use your app and it seems to work on most of the zwave modules. Only powerplugs don't give me total used energy. also, when i reboot hc3 the powerplug seems to be added anew. any idea what i do wrong?


Just tested on latest stable Fibaro HC3 firmware and Home Assistance OS & Core - works for me. Can you please provide more info so I can see how to help ?


Hi Alexander, I just downloaded your Quick App, but I see nothing on HA....does it still work with the new versions of Home assistant? I thank you John

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