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Mar 28, 2021

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Mar 14, 2023


HC 3 Lite, HC 3





Type Quick App


Make Fibaro HC3/HCL devices managed from Home Assistant.

HowTo guide, and feature requests could be tracked at

For those who used QuickApp prior to 1.0.191 version:

Your Home Assistant dashboards and automations need to be reconfigured with new enity ids, after installing the latest version. This is a one-time effort that introduces a relatively small inconvenience for the greater good (a) introduce long-term stability so Home Assistant entity duplicates will not happen any more, in certain scenarious (b) entity identity namespace is now syncronized between Fibaro and Home Assistant ecosystems.

Supported Fibaro devices:

  • Z-Wave hardware (with no Zigbee or Nice support at the moment)
  • Sensors - Fibaro Motion Sensor, Fibaro Universal Sensor, Fibaro Flood Sensor, Fibaro Smoke/Fire Sensor, most of the generic sensors to measure temperature, humidity, brightness and so on
  • Energy and power meters
  • Charge level sensors for battery-powered devices
  • Lights - binary, dimmers and RGBW (no RGB for now)
  • Switches
  • Remote Controllers, where each key is binded to automation triggers visible in Home Assistant GUI
  • Thermostats (limited support for a few known vendors)

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Hi Marcin, Sure - looking into it now, and assuming that you used the latest version from GitHub


Hi, when i try to load your QuickApp, i have Error 500. Can you help?


The latest version - Please let me know if there is anything I can help you with!


Hi Fibaro Team! Would you be so kind to update me on the review status? I've implemented the newer version of the QuickApp to support Energy/Power API and other goodies. Thank you, Alexander