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Jan 10, 2022

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Apr 03, 2022


HC 3 Lite, Yubii Home, HC 3





Type Quick App

Allows to controll:
 on-off state
 highlight/illumination level of Govee color led lights

More at:
Uses Govee HTTP API to controll a device. Connection goes via Govee cloud.
To connect you need to set QA variables: MAC Address and API KEY.
MAC can be found at Govee mobile app, API Key can be obtaind also via Govee mobile app (go to My Profile -> About Us -> Apply for API Key, and wait for email)
QA type is Color Controller (same as RGBW Controller) so can be used in block scenes and profiles.
Govee API is supported by following Govee devices with Wifi connection enabled:
H6160, H6163, H6160, H6163, H6104, H6109, H6110, H6117, H6159,
H7022, H6086, H6089, H6182, H6085, H7014, H5081, H6188, H6135,
H6137, H6141, H6142, H6195, H7005, H6083, H6002, H6003, H6148,
H6052, H6143, H6144, H6050, H6199, H6054, H5001, H6154, H6072,
H6121, H611A, H5080, H6062, H614C, H615A, H615B, H7020, H7021,
H614D, H611Z, H611B, H611C, H615C, H615D, H7006, H7007, H7008,
H7012, H7013, H7050, H6051, H6056, H6061, H6058, H6073, H6076,
H619A, H619C, H618A, H618C, H6008, H6071, H6075, H614A, H614B,
H614E, H618E, H619E, H605B, H6087, H6172, H619B, H619D, H619Z,
H61A0, H7060, H610A, H6059, H7028, H6198, H6049, H7031, H7032,
H61A1, H61A2, H61B2, H7061, H6067, H6066, H6009, H7041, H7042,
H604A, H6173, H615E, H604B, H6091, H7051, H7062, H618F, H605D
Version 1.0.2 (20220402) based on Govee API v1.7

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New version is under development. For version 1.0.2, to get proper MAC/ID for variables, you need (this is workarround) 1. set DeviceMAC variable to eny value longer than 6 characters, ex 111111, and SAVE 2. open QA log (Console button in left menu) 3. check if you see line as: Found: LED pro | H619A | XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX 4. copy "XX:..." values - and set as DeviceMAC in parameters. It shall contain 6 groups of hex digits I know it is not easy. Before, Govee APP provided that MAC (ID), now they show different one in the APP. Thats why we will release here new QA version soon (will be version 1.1.0)


Can you tell me what address is needed if its not the MAC address displayed in the app?


Due to some changes in Govee mobile app, MAC address shown in the APP is not the one required in the QuickApp to match devices. So configuration of QuickApp is not simple now. Quickapp will be rebuild to solve that problem, but it will take some time. I am sorry for inconvenience.


Configuration steps are described above, in the description. You have to obtain API KEY, and get MAC Address, which shall be entered at Variables tab of QA


how can i configure it? Just installed the quick app but doesnt recognize my govee strip