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Nov 19, 2017

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Nov 05, 2018


HC 2






The DSCengine VD plugin can send and receive events to and from your DSC Power Series alarm on to global variables and VD labels to be used as triggers in scenes. The plugin can handle all partitions in the DSC Power Series Alarm.


Trigger that exist as of this version is:

  • breach/restore/tamper/alarm/fault of all zones
  • AC power status in your house
  • Panel battery status
  • Alarm ARMING status
  • Partiton is in alarm
  • And much more….


The DSCengine integration VD also can:

  • Send codes to arm the DSC alarm to the status you wish. AWAY, STAY, ZERO-ENTRY-AWAY, ZERO-ENTRY-STAY
  • ARM and  DISARM the alarm remotely
  • You will see what user that armed or disarmed the DSC alarm
  • It will handle the system even if you have more than one partition
  • A lot more is logged than what there are scene triggers for
  • It can send _very_ detailed logs to a syslog server if you set up one. 
  • Send arbitrary key pad events. See example section in the attached PDF

It has 4 auto created sub devices when starting the service:

  • A presentation device that shows arming status, live zone status as well as AC power status and more
  • A Partition1 management device that shows partition status. It also give the possibility to ARM, DISARM, ARM STAY plus have panic buttons.
  • A Partition 2 device (optional. Created if a variable is set) that is similar to the Partition 1 device except no panic buttons.
  • A log device. Auto created. This show a history log



  • Described in HC2_DSCengine-QuickGuide.pdf 



This integration VD requires one or the other of the following:

  • An EnvisaLink card inserted into your DSC Power Series alarm
  • Global Cache iTach Flex with Flex Link RS232 Serial cable + DSC IT-100 serial card




File name SHA1 checksum
HC2_DSCengine-3.5.lua 355efc3a59c4b529015ba0af08bfbf575aeee52e
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HC2_DSCengine-QuickGuide.pdf 4cc8d2b15c475d0fbf9a9aec86b1d514b071637e
HC2_DSCengine-release_notes.txt 0f6f8416465401e22e37e6dca36fac26af0e5eb3
HC2_DSCengine-LICENSE.txt 741e7dbd3d0f2f17edcc1b03ab8db68659ee33e2


And much more…

Hope you like it ! 

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@Jaan > should be zone inside ? You are to vague, so I do not get what you mean... Also... I suggest you comment in the Fibaro forum or with direct messages in the forum. This post function at marketplace sucks...


Thank You. Great work and easy to install. Envisalink4 password should max 6 symbols long - that I learned during installation (mine was 11 symbols long :) One thing still ...stay arming with scene... should be zone inside ? How to get it working? Away arming works well. BR, Jaan


Hi Damir Maybe you have hit a corner case. If the code is not wiped out after send, something has crashed so the DSCengine stopped. No one has succeeded with that before :) You are the first. So it is not a common issue. I suggest you send me the scene you use and also a debug from the DSCengine (with higher debug level). I prefer a syslog output if you can manage to fix that. DSCengine send even more to syslog. Sen it to my email found in the DSCengine docs and I will take a look at it.


How potential bug can be reported? I use DSC engine in LUA Scene to send PGM keystrokes to DSC Alarm. I use following code: local debug = true local sendcommand = '071' local partition = '1' local data = '*71' local sendcode = sendcommand .. partition .. data fibaro:call(DSCengineID, "setProperty", "ui.INPUTCODE.value", sendcode) This scene is called by Fibaro Button and it works fine for few hours. After few hours it stops responding and I noticed that InputCode in DSC engine VD contains string sent in Fibaro:call instead of NULL value. Only solution in such situation is restart of DSC engine VD.


This is (in my opinion) the best plugin for Fibaro. If I set my DSC Alarm for "Arm-Stay" mode, then all the lights downstairs switch off, and the landing lights come on at 20%. Dis-arm the alarm the following morning, and the lights come back on. Set the alarm to "Arm-Away", and all lights are automatically switched off. The native DSC Integrations don't recognise the difference between Arm-Away and Arm-Stay, only allowing you to trigger the alarm into Arm-Away mode. It also helps me decide about house occupancy, without having to use GPS tracking in the Fibaro (or other apps). These inevitably drain batteries on the phones. This plugin solves that problem. My family are really impressed with the automations from this plugin - I would highly recommend it.