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Nov 19, 2017

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Jun 21, 2018


HC 2






The DSCengine VD plugin can send and receive events to and from your DSC Power Series alarm on to global variables and VD labels to be used as triggers in scenes. The plugin can handle all partitions in the DSC Power Series Alarm.


Trigger that exist as of this version is:

  • breach/restore/tamper of all zones
  • AC power status in your house
  • Panel battery status
  • Alarm ARMING status
  • Partiton is in alarm
  • And much more….


The DSCengine integration VD also can:

  • Send codes to arm the DSC alarm to the status you wish. AWAY, STAY, ZERO-ENTRY-AWAY, ZERO-ENTRY-STAY
  • ARM and  DISARM the alarm remotely
  • You will see what user that armed or disarmed the DSC alarm
  • It will handle the system even if you have more than one partition
  • A lot more is logged than what there are scene triggers for
  • It can send _very_ detailed logs to a syslog server if you set up one. 
  • Send arbitrary key pad events. See example section in the attached PDF

It has 4 auto created sub devices when starting the service:

  • A presentation device that shows arming status, live zone status as well as AC power status and more
  • A Partition1 management device that shows partition status. It also give the possibility to ARM, DISARM, ARM STAY plus have panic buttons.
  • A Partition 2 device (optional. Created if a variable is set) that is similar to the Partition 1 device except no panic buttons.
  • A log device. Auto created. This show a history log



  • Described in HC2_DSCengine-QuickGuide.pdf 



This integration VD requires one or the other of the following:

  • An EnvisaLink card inserted into your DSC Power Series alarm
  • Global Cache iTach Flex with Flex Link RS232 Serial cable + DSC IT-100 serial card




File name SHA1 checksum
HC2_DSCengine-3.3.lua 692a472e2e738d1f94bd694d2ff25eb5cf4c17a5
HC2_DSCengine-3.3.vfib 5b11c115132d25e4dfd146c656c9dd1484960531
HC2_DSCengine-QuickGuide.pdf 5ddfb850dba0706f21f80def6ae1a4cb038674c1
HC2_DSCengine-release_notes.txt a58e1d1e1cde17ae858f08ccf841b97c6f983e83
HC2_DSCengine-LICENSE.txt 741e7dbd3d0f2f17edcc1b03ab8db68659ee33e2


And much more…

Hope you like it ! 

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The DSC solution is very reliable and works excellently. I'm not a developer and found it easy to setup. The setup instructions are clear and well documented and the setup does a lot of the work for you which simplifies the setup. A superb piece of software that turned an old DSC alarm into a "Smart Alarm" system that I can now control from my HC2. Well done and thank you Peo


Really good and WORKING device. I really love this! And most important - clear and working instruction. Well done!


Works very well I can see the status of all my motion detectors and a big thank you Peo for help when I got stuck at the installation


This is the best working solution so far for DSC systems! Respect for the good work and commitment!


Thank you Peo, your prompt response and uber willingness to resolve the issue I was experiencing with partition 3 & 4 is just what is needed to instill confidence in the plugin. Well done on your hard work in making this a version that Fibaro should take notice of. I look forward to seeing where you take this plugin in the future.