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Sep 22, 2017

Last Update

Dec 14, 2018


HC 2, HC Lite






Virtual device to trigger Door relays and IR LED on Doorbird doorstations.



You can proceed with DoorBird guide from here: or with simple guide below.

  1. Download and extract both files.
  2. Import virtual device.*
  3. IP address is IP adress of your Doorbird and Port is 80.
  4. Replace XXXXXXXXXX with username:password encoded in base64.
  5. Save.

* There are VDs DoorBird_v1.vfib and DoorBird_v2.vfib. Version v1 is for 1 relay control only and v2 is for control of both relays on D21x series.

Note: This virtual device is made in Fibaro HCL, to ensure, it would work on all Fibaro platforms.

Attention: You cannot trigger both relays on same time. You can trigger 2nd relay when 1st get back to it's oriiginal state.

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Hi, DoorBird VD does not work with HC3 yet. Maybe this week i finish it. It will be in form of generator. Username, password, ip and relay number will be needed.


Dear Jakub, will this virtual device also be made available for home center 3?


After your personal enlightenment it's working like a charm. The manual could use some more explanation on what to change for personal usage. I didn't get it the first time either. Thumbs up Jakub!!


New VD is completed and tested. One note, that i have to mention. Doorbird does not allow to trigger both relays at same time. When relay returns to closed state, then you can trigger the 2nd one. Hope it will serve well. /Jakub (YATUN)