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Sep 22, 2017

Last Update

Dec 14, 2018


HC 2, HC Lite






Virtual device to trigger Door relays and IR LED on Doorbird doorstations.



You can proceed with DoorBird guide from here: or with simple guide below.

  1. Download and extract both files.
  2. Import virtual device.*
  3. IP address is IP adress of your Doorbird and Port is 80.
  4. Replace XXXXXXXXXX with username:password encoded in base64.
  5. Save.

* There are VDs DoorBird_v1.vfib and DoorBird_v2.vfib. Version v1 is for 1 relay control only and v2 is for control of both relays on D21x series.

Note: This virtual device is made in Fibaro HCL, to ensure, it would work on all Fibaro platforms.

Attention: You cannot trigger both relays on same time. You can trigger 2nd relay when 1st get back to it's oriiginal state.

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Hello, Thank you for your virtual device. I have a app admin name and password, i want to replace : XXXXXXXXXX0x0D0x0A0x0D0x0A by admin:password0x0D0x0A0x0D0x0A (admin:password encoded in based 64) and try to replace all : XXXXXXXXXX0x0D0x0A0x0D0x0A by admin:password But i don't have results. Can you say me what can you do ? (And how to add a camera, because when you upload the file, you have the IR Led et Door Relay). Thank you in advance.


Sorry it doesn´t work


try too, but doesn't work....could you give us more informations , please ?


Hi, could you please post what your DoorBird models are? The new D21xx models are not supported because their HTTP API seems to be different and not documented yet. I’ll also see if we can update the virtual device so it base64-encodes the username & password itself. Lukáš (YATUN)


Doesn't work anymore. Tried with the guide from Doorbird.