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Sep 06, 2021

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Dec 09, 2021


HC 3 Lite, Z-box Hub, Yubii Home Pro, Venture WISE, HC 3





Type Quick App

This QA connects to Daikin WiFi controllers BRP069Axx/BRP069Bxx (BRP069Cxx are not supported) that allow local connection and provides virtual thermostat device in Fibaro HC3 / HC3L interface and apps.

This QA uses the control API that are from Daikin Online Controller app.

If you use Daikin Residential Controller app to control your AC unit(s) then this QA won't work for you!

After uploading the QA you need to set the "ipaddress" variable to the IP address of your Daikin unit (enter just the IP address, no ports no http://). The IP address can be found in the official Daikin mobile app.

This QA is able to update other virtual sensor QAs with room temperature, outside temperature and room humidity.

In order to use these, create new QA and select the type as "Temperature sensor" or "Humidity sensor". Note the device ID for the newly created virtual sensors. Set the corresponding device IDs in this QA variables as follows:

- room_temp_id = The ID of the virtual temperature sensor that will show the room temperature read from Daikin AC

- room_hum_id = The ID of the virtual humidity sensor that will show the room humidity read from Daikin AC (NOTE: not all AC units support this)

- outside_temp_id = The ID of the virtual temperature sensor that will show the outside temperature read from Daikin AC (NOTE: It seems that outside temperature is available only when the AC unit is turned on)

Fan direction change (horizontal, vertical swing) is not implemented yet. Drop us a line if you need it.

Any feedback, suggestions and bug reports are welcome!

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Guys; anyone has same QA (H3C) to support BRP069C4x model?


I downloaded this one and it works fine now :


Same :(


No other update ? still the same issues.


Hello. Like the others here, I find that I cannot control the heat pump with QuickApp, and must control it with the native Daikin App. But I can read out the status from it through QA. Is it rude to ask if this will be developed further?

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