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UniFi Multi Presense

Quick App to track presence based on the status of multiple MAC addresses in the UniFi controller.

UniFi Presence

Quick App to track presence based on the status of the device's MAC address in the UniFi controller.

SolarEdge monitoring

Solar Edge inverter monitoring QA

Planika FLA 3

Fireplace Planika FLA3 Integration

Emoji VD v1.0 standalone

Emoji VD brings more than 800 nice small emoji icons to Home Center 2.

COVID-19 Stats suite v1.0 standalone

COVID-19 Stats suite is getting details about global and regional coronavirus data, including latest number...

Rakoit Player

Full control for Rakoit devices - for all Rakoso and Arylic audio players.

Smog Monitor from AIRLY.EU Sensors v.2.00

Monitors Air Pollution by reading the smog indicators from AIRLY.EU sensors network. Ver. 2.0

iNode LAN - Presence detector based on BLE devices (v1.2)

Integrate BLE tags (iNode Beacon , TrackR , notiOne, etc.) presence with HC2

Integration of the iungo Energy Manager in Fibaro

Get your energy usage and production and your gas and water usage from the iungo into your Fibaro