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May 12, 2020

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Jun 15, 2020


HC 2





ZXT-120 AC control VD


This is a simple VD+Scene to control ZXT-120/600 AC controllers. I use it because of 2 factors:

1) You can control everything on one screen instead of 3 devices in HC2 interface

2) it is visible in Home Center app (ZXT-120/600 is not visible natively yet)

It supports heating and cooling modes and fan speed. You can see current status as well.

Setup is very simple:

VD - just put ID of the child device of ZXT-120/600 which controls temperature into the "Port" field of VD

Scene - You have to put IDs of three child deviced of ZXT in the triggers field annd the same ID into "Options" part of the scene. Also put VD ID inn the "Options" part.

To use swing function, please add parameter 33 to ZXT.

Maybe it can be useful for some of you.


Version 1.1 changelog:


Cooling mode button is replaced with cool/off button so that you can turn AC on and off from devices section with one button.

Swing control added


Version 1.2 changelog:

Added support for ZXT-600

P.S. Thanks to @kevin for testing ZXT600 version

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hi ---2) it is visible in Home Center app (ZXT-120/600 is not visible natively yet)-- that would be a very good thing because of that, but for some reason it doesn't work unfortunately. I think I misunderstood something because of the translations .... and there are 4 zxt-120 am


On top of VD you have TCP port field. The ID goes there.


can you give example where to put the id


Thank you for making this. could you please help me the. The adding triggers part has thrown me. Could you please explain that more. Thanks

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