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May 30, 2020

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Jun 01, 2020


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WeatherFlow Station handler 


please, send bug reports via Fibaro forum. ID : afendikov 


-- Intro:


There is 2 way to receive data.

 1) from WeatherFlow Cloud via http 

 2) locally listening UDP port


 To listen UDP you need to install module below - to your NAS or Raspberry Pi


- pyhton module for raspberry


- start: nohup python3 /usr/local/bin/ -d -r -i -m -b <mqtt broker ip>


To choose which data to use, please set varible in QA:


local udpListenerPresent = false

   false - http mode

   true  - udp/mqtt mode



-- Settings inside QA:


-- as default QA waits your settings, after you will set all, please set variable <readyToGo> to true


WARNING !!! Set to true only after you fill all settings

local readyToGo            = false


when <true> - QA will create all child devices with default names or with your own names.


-- IMPORTANT! You can set your own devices names in self.childDevicesList = { name }


-- You can do this anytime, even after creation of child devices - but you need to enter same name to self.childDevicesList = { name }

-- names inside QA have top priopity and if you change only Fibaro devices name - QA will create a new child on next restart.

-- Because if QA not find a desired name and type - that mean device is not exist



-- QA and rain icons:


You can use your own icons to display rain type and intensity.




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I see the HC2 is not listed... Does it work with HC2?


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