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Dec 04, 2022

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Dec 05, 2022


HC 3 Lite, Yubii Home, HC 3





Type Quick App

Velux Active shutters integration (v.1.0.1)

Virtual device that allow to control a single rollershutter controlled by Velux Active controller (KIX 300).


Username - Velux username

Password - Velux password

HomeID - ID of the home

GatewayID - ID of the gateway device (NXG)

ModuleID - ID of the shutter module (NXO)


Optional values

In case of single shutter setup, HomeIDGatewayID and ModuleID will be automatically populated once you will click Search devices button. If you own more than one shutter, ModuleID will need to be manually provided through QuickApp Variables section. If you own more than one gateway or more locations (homes), GatewayID and HomeID will need to be manually provided as well,


Follow regular installation process. After virtual device will be added to your Home Center unit, click on Variables and provide Username and Password. Then, click on Search devices button which will pull all information from your Velux account that includes Homes, Gateways and detected shutters.

If you're installing another device, your Username, Password, HomeID and GatewayID will be automatically populated from previous device.

To access pulled information, go to logs of the device, review detected devices and use proper IDs as variables of the QuickApp.

To have more controls, you may also change role of the shutter to Blind with positioning.


This application uses API credentials from reverse engineering of Android package.


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Hello This is a very nice job. Thank you. However, i am getting these error messages, 1. Unable to pull home status 2. /usr/share/lua/5.3/json/decode/util.lua:35: unexpected character @ character: 1 0:1 [H] line: My credantials are all set, everything used to work. Any help on this?


I couldnt find any solution, except setting up a filter in mailbox.


Has anyone found a way to stop the annoying "Someone has logged into your VELUX ACTIVE account" email that gets sent every few hours?


Hej, bardzo mi się podoba ta integracja, instrukcja dla mnie była trochę niejasna, ale po zastanowieniu się i przeklepaniu ID do każdego kolejnego nowo stworzonego urządzenia z QA poszło gładko. Jest szansa na działanie z siłownikami veluxa? W QA się pojawiają na liście, sterowanie wygląda że działa, ale nie można ich otwierać, tylko zamykać i zatrzymać. Zauważyłem też, że wysłanie komendy do zatrzymania powoduje zatrzymanie wszystkich rolet będących w ruchu, nie tylko jednej.


Hi Alim, I can't find any information in unofficial documentation about moving windows position. It would require to sniff the communication between app and the API, but I don't have controlled roof window.