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Mar 03, 2020

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Mar 27, 2020


HC 2, HC Lite



Type Camera

I have managed to get to work all of the unifi g3 cameras except the micro one because I do not own one.The steps are:

1. Have all cameras with static ip

2. When you add a new camera to fibaro, put the username ubnt and the password of the camera which can be found in the configuration website of unifi protect or video.

3. Select http and below put the ip of the camera.

4. For the jpeg and mjpeg path put: "/snap.jpeg?cb=<"Camera UDID">".

5. Camera UDID can be found when you go to the configuration of a camera and enable rtsp, the code at the end of the string. 


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Kann jemand ein Beispiel machen beim JPG-Pfad machen ? /snap.jpeg? cb=<"gHb2R58S*qLt5o0B?">


More one interested in unifi cameras on the HC3


Hi is there a solution for the HC3 (Motion)?


You could also try this, not updated for a while but may help


No Good, I tried all possible options, something is wrong with the RTSP code.