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Jun 18, 2020

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Jul 08, 2020


HC 3





Type Quick App

Quickapp to control Sony Bravia TV v1.4

How to prepare TV for IRCC control:

Follow "IP Control Authentication" and "Wake-On-Lan" instructions.


Set the IP and pre-shared key variables on the "QuickApp device/Variables Tab"



Thanks to Aleksander Lurie (

for the HC2 VirtualDevice ( 

I used some commands and functions from his HC2 code to get this started.

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PSK = PreSharedKey. It is a code to allow control of the TV. You can set it to whatever you want but it has to be the same key in the TV and the QuickApp.


Hi, What is the psk variable value? Thanks!


v1.4 uploaded - Fixed buttons that didn´t work.


Thank you. The scene works. There is still a problem with the remote control. Channel + and Channel - not working


Sorry, found another bug related to the On/Off buttons. Fixed that and attached some pictures on config and also an LUA scene example on how to turn on the TV and set it to channel 1. If you don´t know how to write your trigger code in LUA, make a block scene and convert it to LUA, change the "action"-code to the one in the example. You can find the name of the button in edit mode. uibutton2_4 = 2nd row, 4th button from left.