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Oct 24, 2017

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Jun 12, 2018


HC 2






  • VD enable to control basic functions 


TV Setup

  • Go to the Settings -> Network -> Home network -> IP control
  • Set Simple IP control to On
  • Set Authentication to Normal and Pre shared key
  • Set your own Pre shared key


  • login to your Fibaro Home Center
  • go to the Scenes tab
  • create a new one scene called Sony Bravia Pilot
  • set Max. running instances to 1
  • set Run scene to manual
  • select Scene hidden
  • go to advanced tab
  • paste sony-bravia-pilot.lua content to the textfield ()
  • save your scene
  • scroll down and copy scene
  • paste sony-bravia-app-control.lua content to the textfield
  • back to the general tab
  • rename copied scene as Sony Bravia App Control
  • save your scene 


  • go to the Panels tab
  • click on the Variables Panel at the left menu
  • set your sony bravia key to the SB_PSK variabe
  • set your Sony Bravia Pilot scene id to the SB_PILOT_SCENEID
  • set your Sony Bravia App Control scene id to the SB_APPCTRL_SCENEID 

Virtual Device

  • go to Devices tab
  • click on the Add or remove device at the left menu
  • scroll down to the To add the Virtual Device section and import a fibaro-sony-bravia-pilot.vfib
  • set ip of your Sony Bravia TV
  • assign a new created device to your room

If you want to control more than one device just import fibaro-sony-bravia-pilot.vfib multiple times. (scenes and variables should be created only once)

Latest version you can find here or inside attachment.



  • add instruction how to setup your Sony Bravia TV to be ready to be controlled by Fibaro Sony Bravia Remote Control

28.04.2018: 1.2.1

  • add dedicated IRCC code for the TV and TV/RADIO buttons

28.04.2018: 1.2

  • added support for multiple devices

16.04.2018: 1.1

  • added ON/OFF buttons (at the bottom of the remote)

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I got them. If anyone needs them. Here they are ‘HDMI1’: ‘AAAAAgAAABoAAABaAw==’, ‘HDMI2’: ‘AAAAAgAAABoAAABbAw==’, ‘HDMI3’: ‘AAAAAgAAABoAAABcAw==’, ‘HDMI4’: ‘AAAAAgAAABoAAABdAw==’


Hey, Do you think it's possible to replace the color keys with the particular HDMI input. So let's say HDMI 1 - blue, HDMI 2 - green and etc. So by this way we can do scenes that calls the exact HDMI source. thanks for the app it's awesome. PS: I managed to do that with Samsung TV and iTach IP2IR. I used Logitech Harmony to get the IR codes to change to exact HDMI Source. Then I created a virtual device and made just 3 buttons for each HDMI source. I believe there will be codes for the Sony plugin and just need to set the code on the second row of each button, but the question is how to get the codes. thanks once again


Thanks for app. i wish do scenes when tv go on/off can you add some variable what will show tv is on or not. will be great if you can same add status for some apps on tv. like youtube or spotify or like netflix..... will be supper Thanks


Just approved ;)


Hi again. I've just uploaded updated version of the remote control with support of the multiple devices. :D