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Oct 24, 2017

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Jun 12, 2018


HC 2






  • VD enable to control basic functions 


TV Setup

  • Go to the Settings -> Network -> Home network -> IP control
  • Set Simple IP control to On
  • Set Authentication to Normal and Pre shared key
  • Set your own Pre shared key


  • login to your Fibaro Home Center
  • go to the Scenes tab
  • create a new one scene called Sony Bravia Pilot
  • set Max. running instances to 1
  • set Run scene to manual
  • select Scene hidden
  • go to advanced tab
  • paste sony-bravia-pilot.lua content to the textfield ()
  • save your scene
  • scroll down and copy scene
  • paste sony-bravia-app-control.lua content to the textfield
  • back to the general tab
  • rename copied scene as Sony Bravia App Control
  • save your scene 


  • go to the Panels tab
  • click on the Variables Panel at the left menu
  • set your sony bravia key to the SB_PSK variabe
  • set your Sony Bravia Pilot scene id to the SB_PILOT_SCENEID
  • set your Sony Bravia App Control scene id to the SB_APPCTRL_SCENEID 

Virtual Device

  • go to Devices tab
  • click on the Add or remove device at the left menu
  • scroll down to the To add the Virtual Device section and import a fibaro-sony-bravia-pilot.vfib
  • set ip of your Sony Bravia TV
  • assign a new created device to your room

If you want to control more than one device just import fibaro-sony-bravia-pilot.vfib multiple times. (scenes and variables should be created only once)

Latest version you can find here or inside attachment.



  • add instruction how to setup your Sony Bravia TV to be ready to be controlled by Fibaro Sony Bravia Remote Control

28.04.2018: 1.2.1

  • add dedicated IRCC code for the TV and TV/RADIO buttons

28.04.2018: 1.2

  • added support for multiple devices

16.04.2018: 1.1

  • added ON/OFF buttons (at the bottom of the remote)

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I've got same problem as @Giacomo Ragusa. There is no possibility to set Simple IP control. In home network settings I only have Server Display Settings, Remote Start and Renderer. Any ideas? TV Bravia kd55xe7005


Sorry new guy here, i get confused what i suppose to do on these steps - set your sony bravia key (Pre shared key) to the SB_PSK variabe - set your Sony Bravia Pilot scene id to the SB_PILOT_SCENEID - set your Sony Bravia App Control scene id to the SB_APPCTRL_SCENEID assistance would be awsome


Great job! Thank you! :)


Hi sorry for question but i have problem to acces to TV Setup Go to the Settings -> Network -> Home network -> IP control Set Simple IP control to On Set Authentication to Normal and Pre shared key Set your own Pre shared key i cannot find this menu in mine tv sony kd55xe7005 and they gimme not pre shared key. How can i resolve it My intent is to control the tv trought fibaro hcl 2 Thanks guy


I got them. If anyone needs them. Here they are ‘HDMI1’: ‘AAAAAgAAABoAAABaAw==’, ‘HDMI2’: ‘AAAAAgAAABoAAABbAw==’, ‘HDMI3’: ‘AAAAAgAAABoAAABcAw==’, ‘HDMI4’: ‘AAAAAgAAABoAAABdAw==’