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Mar 08, 2020

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Apr 09, 2020


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Fibaro Virtual Device for controlling the Sony Bravia TV

How to:


  1. login to your Fibaro Home Center
  2. go to the `Scenes` tab
  3. create a new one scene called `Sony Bravia Pilot`
  4. set `Max. running instances` to 1
  5. set `Run scene` to manual
  6. select `Scene hidden`
  7. go to advanced tab
  8. paste `sony-bravia-pilot.lua` content to the textfield
  9. save your scene
  10. scroll down and copy scene
  11. paste `sony-bravia-app-control.lua` content to the textfield
  12. back to the general tab
  13. rename copied scene as `Sony Bravia App Control`
  14. save your scene


  1. go to the `Panels` tab
  2. click on the `Variables Panel` at the left menu
  3. create variables: `SB_APP`, `SB_APPCTRL_SCENEID`, `SB_IRCC`, `SB_PILOT_SCENEID`, `SB_PSK`, `SB_IP`
  4. set your sony bravia key to the `SB_PSK` variabe
  5. set your `Sony Bravia Pilot` scene id to the `SB_PILOT_SCENEID`
  6. set your `Sony Bravia App Control` scene id to the `SB_APPCTRL_SCENEID`

Virtual Device

  1. go to `Devices` tab
  2. click on the `Add or remove device` at the left menu
  3. scroll down to the `To add the Virtual Device` section and import a `fibaro-sony-bravia-pilot.vfib`
  4. set ip of your Sony Bravia TV
  5. assign a new created device to your room

That's it :D

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