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Nov 28, 2022

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Nov 28, 2022


HC 3 Lite, Z-box Hub, Yubii Home, Venture WISE, HC 3





Type Quick App

Version 1.0.2 (2022.11.28)
Encrypted QuickApp, based on AISWEI non-public Cloud API


  • FIBARO Home Center 3
  • FIBARO Home Center 3 Lite
  • FIBARO Yubii Home 
  • Aiswei/Solplanet PV inverters connected to user account at 


  • QuickApp read basic production values provided by the inverter: current production power, total production energy, energy produced thus year/month/day
  • Data is read once per minute, but frequency of updates depends also on frequency of providing data from inverter to the Aiswei cloud.
  • QuickApp creates two subdevices – PowerMeter class for current production power (in W), and EnergyMeter class, for total energy produced (in kWh). These subdevices can be used for example in Energy Panel configuration, as main production meters.


  • Encrypted QuickApp can be installed at HomeCenter registered to FibaroID. Active internet connection is required at the moment of installation.
  • API_KEY and API_SECRET shall be entered at Variables tab of the QuickApp. It can be found after login to Aiswei cloud account (, at Account Management / Security Settings tab. API_KEY is 8-10 digits value, API_SECRET is 32 characters value
  • PLANT_ID value identifies PV installation to monitor. User can have connected few installations at his account. To obtine PLANT_ID you have to log to the Aiswei clound and uset 4-arrows icon to switch to “Screen Mode” for desired installation, as below:

    WebBrowser will be redirected to page , url will include lot of parameters. The last parameter is plant_id, for example: plantid=8143f12842e34200b4d23562aa74d8e4
    The value after “plantid=” shall be copied to PLANT_ID QuickApp variable.
  • NOTIFICATIONS variable can be set to 0 or 1. When “1”, QuickApp will send email and push notifications to HomeCenter admin, when communication with the cloud is lost or restored.

ZIP file for download:

  • fqax encrypted QuickApp file to import to your FIBARO Home Center (Settings / Devices / Add device / Other Device / Upload File). 
  • PNG icon for QuickApp

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