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Oct 07, 2021

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Feb 20, 2023


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Type Quick App

This QuickApp monitors your SolarEdge managed Solar Panels. The QuickApp has (child) devices for Solar Power, todays data, this month data, this year data and Lifetime data. 

The Solar Production values are only requested from the SolarEdge Cloud between sunrise and sunset. The QuickApp also shows the Environmental Benefits in the labels for CO2, SO2, NOX, Trees planted and Lightbulbs and also the SolarEdge Installation details in the labels. The Environmental Benefits are updated once a day after 12:00 hour. 

The settings for Peak Power and Currency are retrieved from the inverter. The rateType interface of Child device Last Day is automatically set to "production" and values from this child devices can be used for the Energy Panel. 

The readings for lastyear and lifetime energy are automatically set to the right Wh unit (Wh, kWh, MWh or GWh). 

See API documentation on 







Changes version 3.0 (17th February 2023)

  • Added translation for EN, FR and NL

Variables (mandatory and created automatically): 

  • siteID = Site ID of your SolarEdge Inverter (see your Inverter Site Details)
  • apiKey = API key of your SolarEdge Inverter (contact your installer if you don't have one)
  • systemUnits = SystemUnits is Metrics (kg) or Imperial (Lb) (default is Metrics)
  • solarM2 = The amount of m2 Solar Panels (use . for decimals) for calculating Solar Power m2 (default = 0)
  • interval = The daily API limitation is 300 requests. The default request interval is 360 seconds (6 minutes) 
  • pause = Should the SolardEdge go in pause mode after sunset (default = true)
  • debugLevel = Number (1=some, 2=few, 3=all, 4=simulation mode) (default = 1)

Tested with: 

SolarEdge firmware version 4.12.35 and 4.13.40

 How to install: 

  1. Open the Configuration Interface
  2. Go to Settings > Devices
  3. Click  +
  4. Choose Other Device
  5. Choose Upload File
  6. Choose file from your computer with .fqa

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Hi Tomasz, there are easy ways to test your API key and Site Id. But you have to come over to the forum with more Personal Message capabilities. This Marketplace is too limited to communicate on this kind of matter.


Hello, Sorry for the delay :) I have a request for support/clarification of the situation that occurred in my case. The case is as follows... I have a CH3 lite with the solar edge application installed . I read the API key, and ID from the inverter service software and entered into the Fibaro system. Unfortunately, the data was not loaded into the Fibaro system. The production data is visible in the solar edge-a app (e.g., on the phone) on line but not the fibaro system. Following the consultation, I generated the API code for the inverter again and updated it in the Fibaro system. Another week passes and still no data is being read. I am very much asking for support what could be the cause?


Hi Tomasz, there are a lot of users of this SolarEdge quickapp, so I trust it will work for you also. Can you share some more information at the Fibaro forum with a personal message (in English)?


Dzień dobry, mam prośbę o wsparcie/wyjaśnienie zaistniałej w moim przypadku sytuacji. Przypadek jest następujący: mam na tapecie centralkę CH3 lite z załadowaną apką pod solar edge-a . Odczytałem klucz API, oraz ID z oprogramowania serwisowego falownika i wprowadziłem do sytemu Fibaro. Niestety nie doszło do podczytania danych do systemu. Dane o produkcji są widoczne w aplikacji Solar edge-a (na telefon) na bieżąco ale nie systemie fibaro. W związku z konsultacjami z Piotrem Bryjakiem, wygenerowałem dla falownika ponownie kod API i dokonałem zmian w systemie Fibaro. Mija kolejny tydzień i dalej nie ma podczytu żadnych danych. Bardzo proszę o wsparcie co może być przyczyną?


See also the SolardEdge Extra quickapp for lots of info from your SolarEdge inverter: