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Sep 01, 2020

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Sep 28, 2022


HC 3 Lite, Z-box Hub, Yubii Home, Venture WISE, HC 3





Type Quick App


1. change dataLoggerSN variable to your data logger serial number (this can be found in solarman application. Usually starts with 170xxxxxx)

2. In case of connection problems change inverterIp variable to your sofar inverter IP in your local wifi network  (it should work in auto mode but if not send me a message)

3. If  you still have some problems pleas enable debugs - change debug variable value to true and send me logs from HC user interface with description.




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Does not work for me. Inverter Sofar Solar8.8KTL, firmware LSW3_15_FFFF_1.0.65 InverterIP I put manually, "Device serial number" starts with 232.... Auto for IP does not work. I take above data from inverter's web account. QuickApp properly report IP of my HC3, and stops logging "connection error" Description for this QuickApp shall be more complete. What inverters had been tested? What firmeware do inferter/dataLogger was tested. I cannot find dataLoggerSN anywhere, I can only see "device SN" in dataLogger settings, so I am not sure if is it right. Etc.


I have an HC3, can someone clearly advise where to add or repair? The energy measurement shows something, but the left side does not write any W values - where is the error?


If you want to get some support send me a message using marketplace system....


Witam posiadam Sofar solar 11KTLX-G3 mam połączenie z fibaro bo przychodzą powiadomienia jak sofar się wyłącza ale niestety nie pokazuje danych o produkcji. Czy ktoś może pomóc??


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