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Sep 29, 2020

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Sep 30, 2020


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Type Quick App

SMA Energy Meter

This quick application creates energy meter from SMA inverter. It collect data about today or total energy produced by your solar installation.

Data updates every 5 minutes by default.


URL - Base url to SMA inverter web interface, eg:

Password - Password of chosen user

Optional values

Right - name of the user. Defaults to usr.

Refresh Interval - number of minutes defining how often data should be refreshed. This value will be automatically populated on initialization of quick application.

Data Type - allows to determine which energy metric should be used: total or today. Defaults to today.


This quick application integrates with other SMA dedicated quick app i have provided. It will automatically populate configuration to a new virtual SMA device.

GIT repository:

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Works fine. is it posible to add it as production so it shows in fibaro energy panel as produktion?

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