Created At

Jan 27, 2019

Last Update

Mar 04, 2019


HC 2, HC Lite



Type Camera


Reolink 5MP High Quality

Works perfect. Displayed as 2 sec video, update. Tested on Browser & Android Smartphone Fibaro App. Video quality 2560x1920

Reolink RLC-420 5MP
Integrate in HC2 & HC Lite 
Model = Other Cameras
Name = Empty 
Password = Empty
Protokol = http
IP = IP-Adresse (no port)
jpeg & mjpeg   (same Url)

Hook at mjpeg & Update 2 seconds

Encoding in Reolink software
Stream Type = Clear
Resolution = 2560x1920
Frame Rate = 25
Maximum bitrate = 6144
H.264 profiles = high

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