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Dec 28, 2019

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May 26, 2021


HC 2





Version: 1.1.0 (2019.12)


  • HC2
  • All Rakoso and Arylic devices (S10, S50, A50, A50pro, SA100, Up2Stream DIY boards)
  • Latest list of devices at


  • Playback status and fanart
  • Playback control (Play/Pause/Stop/Next/Prev)
  • Playback time and position
  • Volume and mute control (also for connected slaves)
  • Source¬†selector (USB/BT/AUX)
  • Plays presets (links to iRadio, Spotify, Tidal playlist and more)
  • Plays iRadio or other URL streams
  • Repeat modes
  • Sleep timer controll
  • Switch ūüé® for enabling/disabling fanart graphics (supported only for web UI, not for mobile application)
  • Plays at info, with names of audio devices that are controlled (inc. list of connected slaves)
  • Available json structure with full information about device and its state - for integration with scenes and other LUA code.
  • VD deactivation option (VD stops network traffic)


Installation and initial configuration:

  • After installation you have to set IP Address¬†of audio device


  • Buttons ‚ôę 1-5 contain sample code for internet radio stations from, can be easily updated and/or multiplicated.
  • Icon numbers¬†for¬†5 states: offline, online/idle/stop, playing, paused, inactive-VD, can be set in variables in the beginning of mainloop.
  • Additional icon used to display as fanart for sources without fanart
  • s_jPlayerState structure available in mainloop, updated at every loop. Contains full information about state of device. Structure can be stored in global variable, or in a label at VD, for access from other LUA code (see end for updateUI() function).


  • IP Address of audio device must be provided manually. It can be¬†find at¬†4Stream mobile app, after connecting device. Audio devices obtain IP addresses from DHCP server, it is recommended to setup router/DHCP server to fix IP assignment¬†for audio device MAC address.
  • When device use Wifi as main connection to home network, and when is connected to a master (synchronized with other Rakoso and Arylic device) it cannot be controlled by this VD. VD loses connection with device.

ZIP file for download:

  • Rakoit_Player.vfib file with Virtual Device, to import to HC2
  • 6 PNG icons (can be used for states: offline, idle, playback, pause, inactive VD and for generic fanart)
  • PNG VD screenshot


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