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Sep 21, 2018

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Sep 23, 2019


HC 2





PostNL Track&Trace

You need:

  • PostNL account



  1. Create a scene "PostNL API"
  2. Paste the contents of the file "PostNL API.lua" (part of the zip-file)
  3. Change the username and password (line 7 and 8)
  4. Save the scene
  5. Click "Change icon" and use the "PostNL API.png"  (part of the zip-file)
  6. Remember the scene ID
  7. Create a virtual device
  8. Import the VD "PostNL.vfib"  (part of the zip-file)
  9. Click "Change icon" and use the "PostNL.png"  (part of the zip-file)
  10. Change the "TCP Port:" with the ID of the scene (step 6)
  11. Save the virtual device

That is it!

If you have any suggestions please leave them in the comments.

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same here as Peter


Unfortunatelly is gives me nasty error: [DEBUG] 15:01:21: Error HTTP status (getToken): 403 while it was working with version 0.0.2....


Hi Kevin, If you add the icon also to the button "update" will solve this. Or add this to the code of the button (I will include this to the VD): local icon = fibaro:get(selfId, "deviceIcon"); fibaro:call(selfId, "setProperty", "currentIcon", icon)


Nice VD. But I have one issue with it. Every time I hit update the icon is changed back to an original VD icon.

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